About This Blog

There are many things in this word that just get to me and I complain about them to my friends.  Finally, they got fed up and just said “why don’t you write this crap down?!”  So, here it is, written down.  I have very strong opinions and I have little tolerance for ineptitude and stupidity.  Sometimes, there are just behaviors, objects, ideas, festivities, sayings, people or places that are so horrible that they need to be mentioned as one of my biggest annoyances.  This blog is about those.  I will take 1 annoyance per day, and write about it.  I’m not quite sure what I’ll say, or how I’ll say it, but if I offend anyone, I’m sorry.  Some of my beliefs might not coincide with everyone else’s, and that’s ok.  That’s what makes this world we live in so great.

Feel free to comment on any post you particularly like/hate or agree/disagree with.  I welcome the banter!



1 Comment

  1. Funny, I once had a similar idea about thing that bleep me up while and when travelling. I agree with a lot of your posts. More importantly, they are funny.

    By the way, I hate cats, cats of any color or breed. But yours is cute.

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