About the Writer

I am a 41 year old international teacher.  I have traveled extensively, and have lived in the US, Spain, China and Singapore.  I love new experiences, and I try to do something new every day.  I don’t always….for obvious reasons….but I try.

I have 2 brothers (one is married with a little baby girl) and a mother and father who are still married, after 42 years.  I know that’s uncommon for an American, but it’s true.  I love my family, even though they may be the subjects of some of my posts here.

I recently became very fond of the Paint-by-Numbers sets, and I’m trying to find time to relax and paint (by the numbers).  That’s the extent of my creativity.  I remember my father, when I was young, painted by the number….or was it my mother….I can’t remember anymore.  I thought about going to buy ginko biloba to help with my memory, but then I forgot to get it when I was at the mall (haha).  Well, I hope you enjoy my rantings, whether you agree with them or not, they are my stream-of-consciousness, random musings of the day!


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