The American Women Who Carved Their Initials in the Colosseum

I don’t know if many of you read this story in the Guardian.  I’m not sure which US newspapers picked it up (if any), but 2 young American women decided it was right to carve their initials in the wall of the Colosseum in Rome so they could take a selfie.  This is wrong on so many levels and it burns me up that people have such little reverence for history and antiquity and these monuments that have stood for thousands and thousands of years.  These women were arrested, and will probably be sent home with a fine, but I’m sure they won’t learn a thing.


And, what did the women have to say for themselves?  “We apologize for what we did. We regret it, but we did not imagine it was something so serious.”  REALLY!?!?!  Defacing a thousand-year-old ancient Roman building isn’t something so serious.  Maybe I should go to their houses in California and carve my initials in the wall outside their front door, or maybe graffiti their swimming pool.  These people don’t think!!  They just do whatever gratifies them at that moment.  And for a SELFIE, no less…those vile, disgusting weapons of conceit that young people are so fond of these days.  I hope these GIRLS, I’m not calling them women anymore because that denotes some level of maturity, get fined more than they can pay and end up in jail.  I’m sure there are some nicely carved initials in the walls of the cells!

Here is the link to the story:


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