Not Having a Clothes Dryer

dryer 1I know this is going to sound strange, but I actually like doing the laundry.  I like the cleanliness of it.  I like feeling the clean, dry clothes on my skin and folding them into nice, neat little piles.  I can’t explain why, but I like the entire process.  The only think I hate is the ironing…so I have a housekeeper who does that for me!  When I lived in the United States, I hade a clothes dryer.  It was such a convenience to be able to put your clothes in the washing machine and then dry them quickly when it was finished.  My dryer was even stacked right on top of my washer, so the movement of the clothing was minimal.

In Madrid, I didn’t have a dryer, but my washing machine was so small that it didn’t matter because I was doing laundry almost every day, and setting them outside to dry in the desert-like Madrid climate was easy and fast.  I could sometimes bring those clothes in after only a couple of hours.  My washer in China was a combination washer/dryer.  I could set it for 3 hours, and when it was done the laundry would not only be clean, it would be dry as well.  The only problem with this is that it left enormous wrinkles in the clothes that were very difficult to iron out.  But…I had a housekeeper for that!

dryer 3Now I live in Singapore, once again without a dryer.  Only now my washing machine is normal size.  I have a drying rack…like the one I had in college…that barely fits a full load of laundry on it.  I have to stagger my loads every other day so I can be able to hang the laundry out on the rack and have it dry before another load is ready to be hung.  The drying rack just doesn’t do it for me.  It’s on the terrace, so it doesn’t take up too much space, but the Singapore air is very humid, and it takes very long for the clothes to dry.  It’s not like it was in Madrid.  Also, while the clothes dry, they are being beat upon by the damaging rays of the sun, and some of my clothing has started to fade in the areas where it crosses the bar on the rack.  It’s ruining my clothes not to have a dryer.  It’s also making something that I usually enjoy an unbearable experience because of the excessive waiting and waiting I have to do between laundry loads.  I recently got back from a trip, but there was laundry in the basket and there were towels to do.  I still haven’t gotten to do the laundry from the trip because I’m waiting for one load to dry on the rack.

dryer 2I know you’re going to say “just go buy a dryer,” and I know there are some inexpensive “makeshift” dryers out there, but my apartment is fully furnished and I don’t want to buy a clothes dryer just to “donate” it to my landlord when I move away.  I don’t like my landlord that much!  Also, the cheaper, makeshift dryers are not of good quality.  They are made of plastic, and have a drying hose that needs to be placed near the clothes.  Then you zip them up into this plastic tube that inflates and dries your clothes.  The problem with this is that it only dries 5-6 garments at a time and there’s a chance of burning the clothes.  These dryers are not for me.

I need a dryer, though.  The drying rack is ruining my clothes and it’s making laundry time into a chore instead of something I like doing.  It takes too long for my laundry to dry, and there isn’t enough room on the rack for everything I want to dry (I don’t even try to get sheets on there any more).  I don’t know how anyone can live without a dryer.  These people must have quick-drying clothing, or they must not do so much laundry that hey need their drying racks to be immediately available.  Whatever it is, I’m glad they can do it because I can’t.  I will never move into an apartment without a dryer again!




  1. Buy a dehumidifier. It is cheaper and smaller than a dryer and you can use it to keep your whole apartment fresh. Just set it to “dry clothes” mode and when you are done, keep the dehumidifier running forever. It makes a big difference in places that are humid, like Singapore. I live in HK, so I know what I’m saying, Your shoes can also be saved. When you leave, take the dehumidifier with you.

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