What I’m Reading and Watching About Barack Obama

I know I’m going to get some serious backlash for this one from the so called “Obamatrons,” who love everything he does and will defend him until the terrorists blow something up.  I don’t care.  I have been reading many news articles and news posts, and watching TV reports about some of the crap that the “commander in chief” has been doing, and it’s just really irking me.  Before I go any further, I’d like to say that I’ve been looking at things from both sides (the liberal left and the conservative right), and I’m seeing negativity towards Obama from both sides now.  It used to be the right that harangued him and pointed out his (many) flaws, but I think the liberal left has just about tired of the crap he pulls.

First, it’s the golfing.  I give the man some credit for trying to stay fit and playing a sport.  As the president of the United States, he must not have much time for exercise, but I’m reading too many things about his golfing occurring at times when he should be running the country, or at least acknowledging that things have happened.  Let’s face it, the man can even have a press conference from the golf course if he wanted to, I’m sure the press are there (they follow him like puppies).  If he did, it might give the important news the sense of urgency that it deserves.  He was playing golf while riots were happening in Missouri, he was playing golf when an American was beheaded by ISIS, he was playing golf when MH17 was shot down in Ukraine.  He was playing golf, he was playing golf, he was playing golf.  I could forgive his being on the golf course when those things occurred because it’s impossible to actually know when they will happen, but don’t finish the game!?!?  You stop right away and address the matter at hand.  You chose to take this job as US president, Barack, it’s a 24 hour job!!

Next, it’s the “executive orders” that he has put into play.  Just because people disagree with him doesn’t give him the right to circumvent those people.  It’s called “checks and balances” for a reason, Barack!  It’s a government, not a monarchy!  He can’t go around making his own decisions and enacting laws without having the support of the government.  Now look, because of his “executive order,” impoverished public school districts all over the United States will have an influx of illegal immigrant children that don’t speak English and don’t even have parents to take care of them.  These kids are going to be flooding already overloaded schools.  Is “His Highness” planning on increasing funding for these schools so they can have the resources to handle the influx of illegals that he’s flying around the country on the taxpayers’ dime?  No!!  He just expects it to get done.  He’s like a horse with blinders on…he gets one thing in view, and nothing else matters, not even things that are adversely affected.  Then he goes to play golf.

I also get annoyed by his secretiveness.  He didn’t tell a soul when he traded several known terrorists who threatened the United States and its citizens time and time again for 1 prisoner of war.  How many other prisoners of war are there, what makes this one so different than all the others that you have put the United States and its citizens in danger by releasing evil terrorists to bring one back.  Nobody was consulted, he just did it on his own.  I’m also a firm believer in the idea that Obama ordered the IRS to target his opposition, and the people that oppose him.  If you read about all the agencies and “charities” that were targeted, many of them have Conservative or Tea Party affiliations.  How serendipitous for him that the IT department at the IRS are a  bungling group of complete fools, that they can destroy hard drives and lose not a couple, but hundreds of e-mails that could shed light on this scandal.  Way to cover your ass, Barack!  Thank goodness for senators that don’t take crap in the hearings and are actually trying to get to the bottom of this.  I don’t think that many e-mails from that many hard drives for that specific amount of time could be lost, and I agree with the senators on the committee…I don’t believe them!  And don’t get me started on that whole affair in Benghazi!!

I know that the news is skewed, and not everything that is reported is actually the whole story.  I’m not naïve, I wasn’t born yesterday.  But, I have been hearing just too many negative and stupid things about this man FROM ALL POLITICAL SIDES that I’m believing a lot of it.  This man has changed the United States for the worse.  I sincerely hope that he hasn’t ruined the careers of those that have been associated with him.  I actually like Joe Biden and, while I’m not a big fan of Hilary Clinton, I don’t think she’s horrible.  I hope hitching their wagons to Obama hasn’t ruined everything for them in the future.  I know if I were a politician, I would definitely NOT want to be associated with this moron!

There are so many other things about this administration and “the man who would be king” that just get on my nerves and make me realize that he is destroying the country little by little.  He was not ready for this presidency, and he acts like a little child whenever he meets any resistance.  In fact, he acts like a child all the time.  Take a look at the photos of the world leaders from the recent NATO summit in Wales…who’s that moron in the middle that has to wave at the camera like “look at me mom?”  Why it’s the leader of the United States of America!  And it’s not the first time he felt the need to wave at the camera.  I guess he really DOES think everything is about him and damn anyone who doesn’t agree with that…then he goes to play golf!!

obama wave 1

Photo of the NATO world leaders in Wales recently. Who’s that idiot waving in the center?

obama wave 2

It’s habitual! Check out this 2011 official UN photo!!



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