Fake Flowers and Plants in the Home

flowers 2The only place fake flowers and plants belong in the home is in the fishtank.  In the fishtank, plastic flowers and plants last a long time, and they do not make the water cloudy or attract algae growth.  This is the ONLY place in a home that it is acceptable to have fake flowers or plants.

flowers 1I grew up with a grandmother who believed in having plants in the home.  Most of them were real, and she took excellent care of them (even worrying when she’d be gone for 2 days, so I had to go water them).  Unfortunately, she also had a garish and gaudy floral display made of plastic, non-realistic flowers.  There were hibiscus and lilies in the display, as well as fake leaves and smaller flowers.  I would always pull the tops off the flowers, because you could just pop them back on afterwards…but it would always annoy grandma and she would yell at us.  I don’t think I have any memories of visiting my grandmother where that fake plastic arrangement, in the ceramic turquoise bowl, was not sitting on her hi-fi radio (with the turntable).  The plastic flowers, in this case, were a throwback to the Great Depression when nobody could afford real flowers for their homes, so they made their own flowers, or purchased flowers that didn’t need to be replaced (like plastic ones).  This doesn’t make it right!

flowers 3Whether they’re made of plastic or silk, they are just not real, and they are very tacky.  They collect dust, and they don’t have a fragrance.  The fake plants don’t grow or move with the sunlight, and they feel scratchy and hard to the touch.  They are not decorative, they are painful.

I can understand fake plants and flowers in stores and offices.  Real plants would be too much to keep up with for the staff that is already working very hard at their normal jobs.  Fake plants in offices actually do make the place feel a little more relaxing than a dead-looking real plant would.  Stores and offices have excuses for having the low maintenance silk or plastic (or silk AND plastic) plants and flowers.  People in their homes do not!  Are people that lazy that they can’t be bothered to water a plant?!  Are they that busy that they have to buy no maintenance greenery for their homes so they don’t have to spend any time taking care of it?!  What’s the deal with people having this fake stuff in their homes?!?!

I still pull the leaves and flowers off fake plants when I find them in a person’s home.  I want the person to know that they haven’t fooled me, or put one over on me, because I was there and I know the plants are fake.  It also makes the people (hopefully) realize just how laughable and tacky it is that they have fake plants in their home.  If they can’t take care of a living plant, then don’t have a plant at all!!  And don’t get me started on those fake plastic bowls of fruit!!!

flowers 4


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