People Who Have to Stop Dead Before Getting on an Escalator

It seems like a lot of my posts lately have been about escalators.  Well, living in Singapore, you end up spending a lot of time in malls and where there are malls, there are escalators.  Today it’s about the people who can’t possibly get on an escalator in full stride.  They must stop, look down, place their foot and then continue.  These are the people that cause a long queue at the bottom or top of the escalator.  These are also the people who cause the “domino effect” of people walking into them from behind because they were expecting this person to just be NORMAL and get on the escalator in stride.

Today I narrowly avoided walking into a woman who had to stop at the bottom of the escalator, place her foot, grab the railing and then step on.  She took about 5 seconds to get herself set to get on the escalator.  I had since walked around her and jumped on the escalator before she did.  This is the same woman who walked up the escalator, after making a big production of actually getting on, only to stop dead again at the top to set herself up for the dismount.  Thus causing the 3 people that were walking up behind her to nearly fall when she abruptly stopped.

These people need to be told that they need to take the escalator in stride.  If it’s too complicated for them, or they just don’t have the manual dexterity to walk right onto the escalator, then they should take the elevator or the stairs.  FULL STOP!


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