People Who Walk Up or Down a Moving Escalator

escalator 2Living in Singapore, I’m told I have to stand to the left on the escalator so that the people who want to walk up or down can get by me on the right.  In Madrid, I had to stand on the right, so the people could get by me on the left.  Does anyone see the issue with these instructions?!?  Why are people walking at all on a MOVING STAIRCASE?  There’s a reason the escalator moves; so people don’t have to.  That’s why the escalator moves!!

I’ve heard all the hype about exercise and how little changes can mean a lot.  I understand that, and the people that choose to walk up the stairs are making those little changes.  Notice I said UP THE STAIRS!!  Why do you think the stairs are always next to the escalator??  So that people who choose to walk up or down can do so on the stairs, not on the escalator.  I’m tired of having to squeeze myself over to the side with my packages in hand so some idiot can get by me on the escalator.  Really!?!?!  Where are you going that you can’t wait the 15 seconds it takes for the escalator to reach the top?!?!  What’s wrong with you?!?!

Everyone over to the left so one lone man can walk up...ridiculous!

Everyone over to the left so one lone man can walk up…ridiculous!

 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on an escalator with bags, only to have some moron walk past me and knock into my bags.  Often, they are food bags containing things like eggs, and I get nervous that their carelessness has broken them.  More often than not, when I reach the bottom or the top of the escalator, that same “climber” is right in front of me again.  They have not gotten anywhere faster by annoying everyone around them and walking up or down.  They have ended up in the same place as I have, and in the almost the same amount of time.  Unless they’re running for a train or bus, there’s no reason to walk up or down the escalator.  USE THE STAIRS!!  That’s what they’re there for!  Stop annoying the people who know how to use the escalator in the manor for which it was invented!


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