Ikea’s Rolled Up Packaging for Their Pillows

ikea 2I recently took a trip to Ikea for some household items.  I love Ikea, but not for the showroom.  I love it for the Marketplace, where you can find almost anything for the home.  I found a potato masher at Ikea!!  I couldn’t find a potato masher anywhere in Singapore…but Ikea had it!  I love Ikea…even their food market (the lingenberry jam and papperkokers are awesome)!

ikea 1I needed new pillows (in addition to the potato masher).  Mine have finally gotten too flat and unfluffy for me (they lasted a while, considering I got them in China) and I can’t sleep on flat, unfluffy pillows.  I have had just about enough of folding them over so I can get some head support at night (https://michaelinmadrid.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/pillows-that-lose-their-fluff/).  When looking through the Ikea Marketplace, I found some excellent pillows that weren’t too expensive, and were just fluffy enough for me.  They were packaged rather weirdly, rolled up and in a plastic bag, but that couldn’t hurt the pillow, could it?

It could!!  When I brought them home and opened them up, the pillows didn’t flatten out fully, and, even when I put pillow cases on them, they have a concave shape.  I tried fluffing them up, punching them, even squeezing them between my legs, but nothing works to make them flat.  Ok…so I have curved pillows, they’re soft anyway.  Well…the softness is not as great as it was in the store.  The packaging of the pillows has also segmented the fiber fill so that it’s not uniformly soft.  The fiber inside has broken into fluffy clumps, and the pillow has hills and valleys when it’s laid on the bed.  The pillow in the store was perfectly flat and wonderfully, uniformly fluffy.  Not at home!

ikea 3I know the reason for the packaging is to save space and to make shipping of the pillows easier and cheaper.  I do live in Singapore (probably as far from Sweden as you can get), so I’m all for making the shipping cheaper and, in turn, making the pillows cheaper.  But, maybe this time Ikea dropped the ball.  They are known for being a less expensive, kind of “warehouse-y” option for household buyers, and I have never had a problem with anything I have purchased from them before (my potato masher works great).  In fact, I have moved with a lot of my Ikea stuff around the world.  However, this time, I have to say that Ikea disappointed me.  What was initially praise and admiration for their ingenuity in packaging design has turned into disappointment in a lackluster product caused by that same packaging.  Maybe, in this case, Ikea should just package their pillows like everyone else.  It would keep them fluffy and flat, and make the consumer happy!




  1. My gripe exactly…I think it is hit or miss, just as much for them as for us…some turn out the way it should, some like your (and my) experience don’t turn out right to all…you can see the filling separated through the white cloth, there’s no way it will gel together and turn out like the display ones in store! I’ve done this 3 times and learnt my lesson, the hard way you can say. Mine are the HAMPDAAN firm and soft varieties (in 2016). Why not just vacuum pack it like other stores do…that way too it will occupy less space for packing and transporting. One thing I may suggest, leave it to air out for 48-72 hrs before using it for the first time. Note to myself, to try next time.

  2. I just bought a pair of king size knavel pillows yesterday after they felt so amazing in the store. I do feel the filling is evenly distributed and fluffy, but even the “firm” is so limp! I am very disappointed after paying $64.99 per pillow. In the store it felt like twice as much stuffing. The packaging says they will fluff up in 1-2 days but I dont’ see that happening. I guess I can hope for the best, but this is feather fill, not some space age fiber that grows over time.

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