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One of the movie channels here has been showing previews for Corky Romano, a stupid comedy from the early century starring Chris Kattan as a reluctant member of a mafia family.  I get nauseated every time the preview comes on, and have to quickly change the channel.  Chris Kattan is my least favorite actor (if you can call him that).  He’s right up there with Jimmy Fallon, Johnny Depp and Charo.  His unfunny, pathetic turn in anything he does leads me to think that this is just another comedy actor who got his start because of his daddy.

Chris Kattan’s father is a former member of the Groundlings comedy troupe from Los Angeles.  Funnily enough, this is the same group Kattan got his start with when he was younger.  Kattan’s father acted in several television and film productions, his most memorable as Larrie Plum in Reno 911.  His dad is fairly funny, albeit predictable and an over-actor.  Kattan seems to have inherited the overacting from his father, but none of his marginal funniness!  Chris Kattan is just not funny!

kattan 2I have seen Corky Romano, and I have seen Night at the Roxbury (where he teamed up with another marginally funny comedian, Will Ferrell).  They were both horrible travesties.  Chris Kattan ruined those pictures (not that there was much there to ruin)!  He has lousy timing, horrible line inflection and he does physical comedy that just isn’t laughable.  Wait, change that, it IS laughable, but because of how bad it is.

How Kattan remained on Saturday Night Live for as long as he did is totally beyond me.  The program is usually very funny and cutting-edge.  Many of the comedians from that program have gone on to do much bigger and better things.  The fact that Chris Kattan was on that program for 5 seasons is a testament to how bad it got in the 1990s.  Some of the episodes in the 1990s have the lowest ratings of any of the episodes since the show began.  Chris Kattan is only one of the comedic duds they employed then (Will Ferrell was another).

kattan 3Kattan’s main recurring character on Saturday Night Live was a male exotic dancer named Mango.  He played Mango with a Hispanic accent, and very effeminately (although protesting that he was not gay).  Mango has to go down in history as one of the worst recurring Saturday Night Live characters ever (along with the Copy Machine Guy and Phillip, the “hyper hypo”).  Again, Kattan’s overacting ruined what might have been a funny premise.  In a character like Mango, you kind of have to overact, but Kattan even messed THAT up!

Chris Kattan’s turn in The Middle, recently, created some of the worst scenes of the show.  He overacts and tries so hard to steal the show, but all he stole were the minutes of my time that were wasted watching him on screen.  Some more of my life wasted by watching horrible acting and badly performed dialogue!  I love Patricia Heaton and I think the show is funny and quirky, but Chris Kattan was the worst thing about it.  Luckily, the producers realized that too, and summarily dismissed his character, and him from the show (and the town of Orson breathes a sigh of relief).

Personal problems aside (his arrests for drunken disorderly conduct and drugs), Chris Kattan does not deserve to be in any spotlight.  He ruined some very good characters and brought a program further down by being unfunny and a horrible over-actor.  How he keeps finding work is beyond my ken of understanding.  Luckily, not much has been heard from him since his boot from The Middle, maybe people have just had enough of him!  We can all hope….




  1. Nice timing! His father just died recently and Kattan had spine surgery after a brutal car accident. You Should count your blessings and bite your tongue next time you need to feel better by hurting others that are more successful than you but have bigger hearts than you.


  2. I hope everybody gets to see this website that you created so that everyone gets to see what a terrible person you are for saying such destructive comments. Have you ever heard of Karma? You will. Enjoy it…

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