Having a Black Cat

IMG_20140302_101931My cat’s name is Squeaky.  I adopted her from a woman I met through the American Club who adopts out young strays.  Most of them she finds at the SPCA and tries to find homes for them through that organization.  When I met her, I told her I was looking to adopt a cat, and that I wanted a black cat.  The only reason I wanted a black cat is because I read an article several years ago that said, because of superstitions, black cats usually go unadopted in shelters.  People are too “spooked” by black cats to adopt them, so they live their lives in shelters or, worse, get put to sleep.  It must be true because I’ve had a few people ask me if it’s strange to have a black cat, and has anything bad happened to me.

IMG-20140216-WA0000She told me of this black cat that she found on a road in Singapore, who was very friendly.  The cat had even been spayed by the SPCA (you know because they clip one of their ears after the surgery so they don’t catch the same cat again) and released back into the streets.  She told me the cat was so friendly that it had come and sat in her lap, and that it was very sweet.  She was also about 8 months old.  A couple of days later, I had an adorable black cat with a clipped ear and a stubby tail (a genetic defect that many Singaporean cats have).  Her name is Squeaky because she could not meow properly when she first came home, she made noises that sound like small squeaks.

IMG-20140401-WA0002I love having her around, and she really is a sweet cat.  My problem with having a black cat is that all black cats blend in when it’s dark.  Her fur is the color of night, so it’s difficult to make her out late at night when I get up to use the bathroom or go get some water, or when I roll over in the bed and she’s laying there next to me.  I have kicked her, stepped on her, tripped over her, rolled over on top of her, closed the door on her and trapped her in the bathroom.  It’s to the point now where, at night, I am afraid to move for fear of crushing her, and I wait until the absolute last possible moment before getting up to use the bathroom because I think I’m going to step on her.  She has a collar with a bell on it so that I will know where she is, and I can be more aware of her in the dark, but that doesn’t help when she’s not moving and just laying there sleeping.  The collar is pink so I can see it better, but that doesn’t work!

IMG-20140331-WA0000I love Squeaky, and I love having her around.  It’s nice to have someone to talk to when there’s nobody around (yes, I’m THAT person).  She doesn’t answer back, except to squeak once or twice, but it’s nice to have her.  I just wish she hadn’t invaded my nights so horribly.  I know it’s not her fault, but I’m afraid to get out of bed, or, when I do get out of bed and I hear that little jingle, I’m afraid of tripping over her or kicking her.  Last night I locked her in the bathroom because, of course, she has to follow me in there every time I go, and I turned off the light and didn’t know where she was.  I finally got up 10 minutes later, after hearing the incessant squeaking from the bathroom, and found her locked in.  It’s very annoying having to watch my step or shuffle across the floor because I can’t see my cat at night.  I wish there were a better way to make her visible…I’ve considered spray paint…



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