People Who Arrive Late for a Movie or Show

cavaliaThis weekend I went a great show here in Singapore.  It’s called Cavalia, and it’s billed as “Cirque du Soleil with Horses.”  That’s exactly what it was!  It was awesome; acrobatic, funny, amazing….a great time.  Of course, as with all shows of this type, there was a slew of people who obviously didn’t get the memo that the show began at 7:30PM.  As soon as the lights went off, that familiar glow of the mobile phones came out with people looking for their seats.  These people walked up and down the stairs and shone their mobile lights in everyone’s eyes as they fumbled with their tickets and tumbled into their seats.

This is not the only time I have been in a situation like this.  Virtually every time I go to a movie or a play like Cavalia I am “treated” to about 15 minutes of fumbling and shining lights as the chronically late people inconvenience everyone around them to get their seats AFTER the show has started.  These are invariably the people who have seats in the middle of the row, and have to make everyone in the seats ahead of them stand so they can get to their seats.  This, thus, causes several rows of people behind them to lose their view of the film or show and ruins it for a lot of people.  Usually in a movie, there are important plot points that happen in the first few minutes, and missing them would cause a lot of confusion later.  As it was, last night, I missed the first group of horses running onto the stage because the people a couple of rows in front of us had to stand for some latecomers to get to their seats.  Ridiculous!!

When people come late to a movie, not only do they use the light from their mobile phones to find their seats, but they usually whisper loudly to each other, or take a few minutes to silence their phone (continuing the annoying light until they’re finished).  Or, they’re not sure where to sit, so they argue (in loud whispers, mind you) over where they should sit while their mobile phones are still lighting their way!  If they’re meeting someone, they whisper loudly to find that person, or shine their phones down each row to see if their friend is there.  These people are rude and don’t think about other people at all.  If they did, then they would have made certain that they arrived to the film or show on time!

I never stand for these people.  I make them step over my legs and have to work harder than usual to get to their seat in the middle of the row.  These people don’t deserve my courtesy because they are not courteous themselves.  They disturb everyone’s show by rudely arriving late and expecting everyone to take time from their enjoyment to ensure they get to their seats AFTER the show has begun.  These people don’t deserve our concern over their seats.  The only reason any of us deals with their crap is because we want it to end as quickly as possible so no more of the show or film is ruined for us.  There should be a rule…if the house lights are off, you don’t get in!  It’s as simple as that!  You are late, you can’t see the show…maybe you’ll be on time next time!


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