Having to Oil Hair Clippers

clipper 4

I have an Oster hair clipper that I bought about 15 years ago when I lived in New York.  I love it because it has all the accessories I like, and it trims my beard and neck exactly how I like it.clipper 2  I even bought a designated electrical converter for it, because I haven’t lived in the US for years and the electricity is a different voltage outside the United States.  I have bought 2 more hair clippers in the 15 years since I have had this Oster clipper (a Panasonic and a Wahl), but they are not as good, and they don’t clip my beard the way I like it.  The Panasonic is rechargeable, which serves me no purpose, as I constantly forget to charge things (hence why my mobile phone never works).

When I bought the Oster clipper, it came with a set of attachable combs, small brush (for cleaning), a regular plastic hair comb, scissors and a small bottle of mineral oil (to keep the blades running smoothly).  The mineral oil bottle was very small and, within a couple of years, ran out.  I thought I didn’t need it, and kept using the clipper for a couple of more years until it no longer cut as well and pulled hairs out of my face (very painful).  It was then that I bought the Wahl clipper, but quickly went back to my original one.  I used the oil that came with the new Wahl to oil the old Oster.

clipper 3I took the clipper with me when I moved to Madrid, but I bought a new bottle of mineral oil to use with it.  The new bottle lasted for a long time, and I even moved with it (and my clippers) to China.  While in China, the bottle of oil ran out.  It was then that I bought my Panasonic clipper, because it was next to impossible to find the right mineral oil in China for my Oster clipper.  I quickly became disheartened with the Panasonic clipper, and went back to using my good, old Oster one.  It lasted about 6 months before it started pulling the hairs again.

clipper 1Instead of sucking it up and using the Panasonic one until I could return to the United States and buy more clipper oil, I did something stupid.  I tried using olive oil to lubricate the blades of the clipper.  It worked…for a little while.  After a few uses, I noticed that the clipper blades were sticky, and beginning to catch the hairs again.  I put more and more olive oil on the blades and they became more and more sticky.  They began to rust and, eventually, became permanently stuck together.  I guess that’s the difference between using a mineral oil (the correct kind) and an organic oil (from a plant)!  My beautiful Oster hair clipper had died!

I tried to fix it.  I took it apart and cleaned each blade individually.  I bought more clipper oil when I went back to New York, but the clipper has been irreparably destroyed.  This task of oiling the blades has become troublesome.  The amount of oil they give you with the clipper is enough for 1 or 2 oilings, and that’s it.  Then you’re on your own!  As a hairy man who likes to keep his beard trimmed neatly (I’m not a stupid hipster), I use the clipper 3-4 times a month.  This kind of use is not what the makers of the clipper had in mind and they do not give you enough mineral oil for that kind of use (I wonder how much oil they go through in the barber shops and hair salons)!  They need to provide more oil for the clippers.  The Panasonic one (the one I’m back to using now) didn’t even come with oil, so I’m just waiting for the day when it starts to pull the hairs and not clip them.  My “designer stubble” doesn’t look as clean with the Panasonic clipper, I miss my Oster one.  I have tried to find the same model clipper from Oster, but it’s been discontinued and I don’t want a used set (look at what happened with mine).  I still have my Oster clipper, I can’t bring myself to throw it away.  It gave me so much happiness for all that time.  I guess 15 years isn’t bad for a $25 hair clipper. 


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