When an Eyelash Gets Stuck in Your Eye

eyeToday I had an eyelash stuck in my eye.  I tried for almost 2 hours to get it out, but the sucker just wouldn’t budge.  I tried closing my eyes and moving my eyeball around, which usually works, but this time did not.  The eyelash was just under my top eyelid, so it scratched my eyeball every time I blinked.  I couldn’t go to the bathroom and try to run water through my eye, so I was stuck there with an annoying eyelash stuck in my eye.

Some people will say to yawn or hold your eyes open for a long time so you tear up and flush the eyelash out.  Doesn’t work!  Or, at least, it didn’t work today.  The thing just sat in there and scratched at me for 2 hours.  It was like I had a small grain of sand under my eyelid and it kept moving around every time I blinked.  Very painful and highly annoying.

The website below gives some good tips, but they didn’t work too well.  I finally had a chance to run to the bathroom, after 2 hours, and washed out my eye.  Another thing that’s annoying because it’s impossible to avoid getting some water on your clothes.  Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to the next time I get one in my eye.  Website: http://www.wikihow.com/Get-an-Eyelash-Out-of-Your-Eye



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