The Fire Challenge

For those of you who haven’t heard about this (and you’re lucky if that includes you), the fire challenge is the new moronic thing that teenagers are doing for internet fame.  In the fire challenge, teenagers douse themselves in flammable liquid and light themselves on fire (usually for only a split second until they jump under the shower or into the pool).  This is the most severely stupid and moronic thing I have ever heard of.  One teenager in Buffalo, New York, has already died from doing the fire challenge and countless others have been hospitalized with severe burns.  Fire kills!! And it’s one of the worst ways to die, according to this article:  The video below is a report about 2 teenagers that were hospitalized with burns after trying it.

One of the problems with the fire challenge is that it’s not localized.  Because teenagers do it for YouTube fame, people all over the world are trying it so they can get the most number of “hits” on their video and the most number of likes.  It has been reported in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Turkey and Korea.  It’s estimated that more than 1000 teenagers have tried the fire challenge.  I just have no words to describe how stupid and idiotic these people are.

The video above actually has some real fire challenge videos from YouTube.  There isn’t any horrible disfigurement or burning in those videos; I think they picked the most “tame” ones.  But, you can see that the teenagers really have no idea that the fire is going to hurt as much as it does.  Really?!?!  Are they really THAT stupid?!?!  THIS IS FIRE!!!  What the hell do they think is going to happen?!?

I work with teenagers every day.  I would like to think that my students are not as brain-dead as these people who try to burn themselves for the sake of becoming an internet celebrity.  I think it’s a good thing that YouTube removes these videos immediately once they’re posted so that others can’t get an idea about it, but the damage is done while they’re still up.  Even a few views can give the idea to another brain-dead teenager who doesn’t realize that fire=bad!  I think these kids need something better to do…they have too much free time.  Their teachers need to assign more homework!!!



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