Chris D’Elia

delia 1Ok, why is this no-talent, unfunny, pathetic excuse popping up all over these days?!?!  Why do people like him??!  I remember a few years ago, I saw Chris D’Elia on a showcase on Comedy Central when he was doing stand-up comedy.  He wasn’t funny, and was actually the least exciting of all the comedians in the show.  I tuned him out and did other things while waiting for the next comedian to come on.  I enjoy stand-up comedy, but this guy was just not funny.  I wondered why he was even part of a Comedy Central special, or why he was a popular comedian in the first place, then I found it….his daddy is a very popular television producer and director who worked on programs such as Northern Exposure, Chicago Hope, The West Wing, Ally McBeal and Glee.  So THAT’S why he’s gotten as far as he has!  Nepotism is definitely not dead in the television industry!

Recently, Chris D’Elia has shown up in second-rate TV sitcoms such at Whitney and Jennifer Falls, but it’s the summer-replacement (not picked up for the fall) sitcom Undateable (which is based on a very funny book) that gave him a starring role.  I have watched a couple of episodes of this program, and I was nauseated by the performance of Chris D’Elia.  The other stars are hilarious in that they work well together as an ensemble of dorky, naïve young men (and I was already a fan of Ron Funches from his stand-up comedy).  Chris D’Elia is the one who breaks the show, so to speak.  He is definitely NOT believable as the “ladies man” who tries to show the others the ropes about dating.  Who would believe that this guy gets lots of women?!?  He’s not funny, not good-looking and just not believable at all!

delia 3

I’m a fan of Jaime Pressly, so I have begun watching her new sitcom, Jennifer Falls, it’s funny (mainly due to Jessica Walter (Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development), who is amazing in anything she does, and Missi Pyle, who I have loved since I saw her in Galaxy Quest), but Chris D’Elia recently slinked into an episode, and completely turned me off to the show.  I’m afraid that they are going to make him a regular, now that his Undateable show was deemed “unwatchable” and got summarily canceled.  If they make him a regular, I don’t even think that the adorable Jaime Pressly and the genius comedic timing of Jessica Walter can keep me interested.  Chris D’Elia is THAT bad.  It’s unfortunate because I think Jennifer Falls has staying power.

delia 2It’s time for people to stop employing Chris D’Elia.  He’s just another in a line of stand-up comedians who try to act and can’t (see Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Tucker, Andrew Dice Clay, Rodney Dangerfield and Sandra Bernhard).  At least those others were funny as stand-up comedians, Chris D’Elia doesn’t even have that!  There’s a reason his one-hour stand up special on Comedy Central was directed by his father; because nobody else would do it!!  He’s not funny, not a good actor and needs to be removed from television!



  1. Thank you!! He has another comedy special on right now, and nothing he’s saying is even remotely funny. His basic joke goes like this: “So my friend is dating a dude, and I didn’t even know he was gay. He was like, I didn’t fall in love with a guy, I fell in love with another human being. And I was like, that’s even more gay than what you said before!”

    Or how about this winner: “If you wanna f*ck somebody and they wanna f*ck you too, then by all means go for it. But you wanna f*ck somebody and they’re like, ‘noooooo!’ then you should not do it!”


    “How come when those British people are walking around, they always have their heads bobbling like this (bobbles head)? ‘Ello, I’m goin’ to the library.”

    His stand up is insufferable.

  2. I googled “Chris D’elia not funny” and I found this page. I agree his stand up is not funny for the most part. I just tried watching his new special on Netflix and could not force myself to finish it. It’s way too long and I never really laughed, he laughs at his own jokes way too much and his delivery just sucks…too much unnecessary pauses and the pacing of it just wasn’t good- he stayed on most of his topics way too long until they were even less funny. That being said, I liked him on Whitney and Undateable, that’s how I found out about him, but I just hate his stand-up. Every since I started watching Bill Burr, it’s been hard for me to like other comedians since I like Bill’s style a lot, even so, Chris does suck and it’s not just because his style is different from my usual preference.

  3. He’s also very sensitive. I commented on Twitter about his poor showing on Conan and he blocked me. What I said didn’t involve any profanity or insult him as a person and he overreacted. Oh well. I guess we’ll see where he pops up next.

  4. Dear god, thank you! I’ve been looking for somewhat of a support group for people who don’t find Chris D’elia funny. I feel alienated and betrayed by my fellow man that he has gotten so much recognition. The un-dead truly exist and they are Chris D’elia fans.

  5. I didn’t know anything about the dude and I just watch 15 min of its 2013 special. Can’t stand its stand-up anymore! Then, I went to IMDB, and I say really the producer is his brother? He can not be his father for frack sakes… went here and boom he is! Finely, now that is funny!!!

  6. I am SO happy I found this thread; my friends who say they find him funny had me feeling like I was going insane. I can’t think of another working comedian with less talent or who’s as painfully unfunny. He’s a poor man’s Dane Cook (which I didn’t even think existed): a whole bunch of moving, shouting and silly voices, but the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes. I put an honest effort into watching both “Incorrigible” and “Man on Fire,” and I couldn’t get through 15 minutes of either. Nothing he says is clever, nor does it trigger my imagination in any way.

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