Taking Sides in the Hamas – Israel Conflict

I usually try not to be political, but this is drawing me in, and making me think about the way I see things, and the way the “news” reports things.  I have been following the recent Israel-Hamas flare up lately because I was surprised that Israel was sinking so low as to attack civilian (innocent) areas of Gaza instead of pinpointing their targets at the Hamas leadership.  I am aware that Israel is a militaristic country, and that they have built up a large military and defense force, mainly to fight Hamas and other Muslim extremist groups that threaten their citizens.  I am also aware that the Palestinian people had their land ripped from them in 1948 without any reprisal, and that most of the fighting is just them trying to get some of it back.  The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not what’s going on now.  What is happening now is a Muslim extremist group breaking international laws set out by the Geneva Convention, making Israel look bad because they are attacking Hamas strongholds, which just happen to be in hospitals and schools.  I have also read the reports of several newspeople that said they were bullied by Hamas into retracting or not reporting this information, for fear of death.  This is underhanded and sneaky crap, and I’m not blaming Israel for fighting a little dirty because Hamas has already muddied up the playing the field.

This post is a grouping of interesting material that I have come across in the past few days.  First, a Facebook post by a good friend of mine who tries to put the whole thing into perspective.  And he does so very eloquently:

I realise that the views I am about to put forward here will be very unpopular with many of my Facebook friends, and I really hope that they will not result in a mass “de-friending”… I value your friendship and hope you will be able to accept that sometimes views will differ…It seems that unquestioning support for Hamas and outright condemnation of Israel have become the norm. I’m unhappy with this for a number of reasons. We have seen, historically, several examples of this sort of snap judgment in the past. Condemnation of the USSR in Afghanistan. Condemnation of the shah in Iran. Condemnation of Saddam in Iraq. Condemnation of Assad in Syria. Condemnation of Mobarak in Egypt. Condemnation of Gaddafi in Libya. Etc, etc.
Now, I’m not saying that ANY of those condemned above deserved praise or approval in any way. However, in many of those cases, there were unexpected and unquestionably negative consequences. The fall of the shah led to the rise of the Khomeini regime — there can be little doubt that Iran then became a major sponsor of “state terrorism” and brutally repressed any sort of freedom in Iran. The withdrawal of the USSR from Afghanistan led to years of anarchy and chaos and the rise of the taliban — and more state-sponsored terrorism. The Gulf War and the fall of Saddam has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths and the installation of the brutal ISIS regime which rules the area it controls through beheadings and decapitations and religious-cleansing. The situation in Syria and Libya are also hardly what those who supported the rebels can have imagined either.
Should we have “known better” or held back from supporting “regime change” in these areas? I think the lessons of history should, at the very least, have given us pause for thought. Revolutions often end up “eating their children” and becoming more and more radical and intolerant as they progress… Look at France or Russia as examples.
The danger of the current situation in the Middle East is that of condemning a tragic current situation only to see it replaced by an even worse one in five or ten years’ time.
I’m not asking anyone to start supporting Israeli actions in Gaza as Jon Voigt has done. I’d just like to see a little more consideration of the possibly highly negative consequences of supporting extremists like those in Hamas in this situation…

This puts a lot into perspective, historically, by relating the current issues to those that happened before.  Hamas is not the Palestinians.  Hamas is a Muslim extremist group that, like all other Muslim extremist groups, wants to eradicate the Jewish people.

Next is a link to a video by a Finnish reporter who, while reporting from Gaza, found Hamas militants shooting rockets into Israel from the parking lot of the main hospital.  This is against treaties worked out at the Geneva Convention and an underhanded thing for Hamas to do, because Israel will now have to attack a hospital in order to hit its military target.  Here is the story: http://www.algemeiner.com/2014/08/01/finnish-tv-reporter-at-gazas-al-shifa-hospital-its-true-that-rockets-are-launched-here-from-the-gazan-side-into-israel-video/

Apparently, the bombing at that same hospital and at a UN school were not Israeli rockets, but misfired Hamas rockets that were being fired from the parking lots of both locations.  Again….against the Geneva Convention.

Next is a link to a story about reporters who are being intimidated, interrogated and detained by Hamas militants in the Al Shifa hospital and other civilian buildings if they report anything about Hamas using civilian areas for military exercises: http://www.dcclothesline.com/2014/08/01/italian-journalist-leaves-gaza-tells-truth-free-hamas-retaliation-hamas-killed-kids/

Lastly, in the “biggest mistake the US ever made” category, we have Barack Obama.  Of course, Obama, knowing that he has pretty much rendered himself irrelevant with all the crap he’s done, has to try to get into the act.  Did you see the spectacle he made the other day because the press didn’t ask him about his birthday during a White House press briefing?!?  And he says he doesn’t try to find photo opportunities!!  That’s all he does!!  He’s such a magnificent moron!  Apparently, BO called Benjamin Netanyahu and all but threatened the guy into calling a ceasefire with Hamas.  Netanyahu tried to tell Obama that it wouldn’t work and, lo and behold, it lasted 2 hours!  Netanyahu then told BO not to ever second guess him again.  Really, what does BO think he’s doing?  Netanyahu lives in Israel, he’s been in charge for years and years.  He knows these Islamic extremists, and their capabilities.  BO has no business telling him what to do!  Trying to broker a peace accord, or helping both sides develop a mutual ceasefire is something else, but blatantly telling another leader how to run their country is absolute arrogance (something BO is very well-known for), and I’m not surprised he actually tried to do it.  Here is a link to the story: http://www.algemeiner.com/2014/08/02/report-netanyahu-tells-white-house-not-to-ever-second-guess-him-again-on-hamas/

Well, that’s what I’ve been doing with my time lately.  I’m not taking sides…I think the fighting needs to end, but I think the world needs to see unbiased reporting about both sides and learn about the issues from both sides.  There shouldn’t be threats made to reporters for reporting the truth, and there shouldn’t be one-sided arguments presented to the public.  Also, people should stop choosing up sides based on misinformation.  John Voigt is an ass, and Obama is even a bigger ass (for soooo many reasons)!  Take all the information you receive about Hamas with a giant chunk of salt because it’s probably been doctored by reporters that are fearing for their lives.  It’s convenient to blame the Palestinians for causing so many problems in this part of the world, but lest we forget that the area was theirs until it was given to Israel in 1948.  Does this justify the killing and bombing of Israel?  Absolutely not!  But, there should be some way to set on an accord that both sides can agree upon.




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