People Who Take too Long to Set Up Their Photos

I recently went to Kusu Island, off the south coast of Singapore.  It’s a little island, but it’s nice for a day trip, and the beaches are clean.  Since it was a holiday in Singapore, there were fewer people than usual for a Monday.  However, I think they all must have been related because they all shared the same affliction.  Many of them would set up their photos (whether on the beach, near the turtle statues, in the Chinese temple or on the ferry pier) for way too long.  There was even a group of young people setting up a photo on a “selfie stick” before actually taking the selfie.  All the while holding up the people who were waiting to cross the bridge they were blocking with their set up shot.

I am usually courteous to the photographers.  If they’re taking a photo in front of me, I wait to cross in front of their camera, but I give them a maximum of 10 seconds to set up and complete their shot.  After that 10 seconds is up, I’m walking through.  It’s an excessive amount of time to take more than 10 seconds to set up and take a photo.  The worst one is when there’s one photographer who thinks he’s Ansel Adams (or Robert Mapplethorpe, rather), and he gives direction to the people in the photo.  These are the people who tell you to move slightly to the right, or to smile bigger.  These are the people who waste everyone’s time before they press that damn button (even the people in their photo)!  Once I see an “Ansel” with the camera begin to set up his/her shot, I walk right through.  There’s no way I’m waiting for this wannabe photog to get the perfect shot.  It will take forever.

Then there are the people that take the shot, check the photo, then take another shot because they didn’t like the first.  They can go on like this forever until they find the perfect shot.  This is just as bad as the “Ansel” that has to set up the perfect shot because, although they take the photo quickly, they take several photos and hold up everyone around them who might want to take a photo in the same spot, or who just want to walk through.  All they’re going to do is post the photo on Facebook with some stupid caption and change it in about a week.  It doesn’t need to be the perfect shot!

These people that need to set up long photos and make sure their shot is perfect are excessively annoying to those of us that have to wait for them while they’re setting their shot up.  Some of us want to take a photo of the same object, or in the same place, and these people are hogging the photo spot with their perfectionism.  It’s a family photo, not a contest entry!  At least people at Kusu today were using their phones and real cameras.  I didn’t see one iPad used for a photo today….and that’s a good thing!


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