Over Planners

over 1Overplanning is an illness that not only affects the overplanner, but everyone who comes in contact with the overplanner.  These people make the lives of all those around them living hells with their spreadsheets and every minute planned out.  These people are the worst to travel with, they’re the worst to work with, they’re just the worst!

All my life I have come in contact with overplanners.  There are some in my family, close friends and colleagues.  I have learned to deal with their OCD behavior when it comes to their construction of time and the allocation of time that they give to activities and people.  It has become second nature for me to allow the overplanner to do all the planning and take me along for the ride.  Well, this will happen no more!  I’m tired of having my life planned out by other people.  I’m tired of going on a holiday only to have a regimented time for each and every thing.  I’m tired of being sucked into the overplanners’ worlds, discussing and overdiscussing plans for days and days.  I think overplanners are not happy unless they are overplanning something, be it the littlest thing like a visit to the supermarket or a night out.  They do copious amounts of research and create a plan so that every second is filled to the brim.

Whatever happened to “winging it?”  Some of the best holidays are those where I didn’t even know where I was going until the day before.  Throw some clothes in a carry-on bag and ask the concierge at the hotel where the good places to eat are.  This is how I like to travel!  Overplanners can not do this, but it’s invigorating and liberating at the same time.  Just go with the flow and ask the locals.  Overplanners at work are also a tedious nuisance.  Teachers who have their whole years planned out before the first day of school, down to homework assignments and exams are the same ones who throw a fit when the deadline for something changes or a new holiday is created.  These people make everyone else’s lives miserable when they can’t complete their OCD-laden plans.

People who overplan need to allow for life to happen.  They need to realize that stuff happens that can’t be planned in.  There are millions of other things that can happen to throw a wrench into their meticulously designed plans, and they have to accept it when that happens.  They also need to realize that not everyone is like them, and some people will resent those people that try to plan out their lives for them.  They have to be sensitive to other peoples’ feelings and maybe lay off the Sharpie-soaked calendar for a while.



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