“Sponsored” Posts on My Facebook News Feed

Facebook has found an even more effective way of annoying its members.  Instead of running those mind-numbing advertisements on the right side of the screen, they have decided to plop them right into the newsfeed.  So, now, when I’m reading about the new status update of my cousin, or looking at my friends’ holiday photos, I am treated to an advertisement for Tic-Tacs or KFC.  not only that, the advertisement is disguised as a newsfeed post, completed with a list of my friends that “like” the products page, or have mentioned this product on their Facebook pages recently.  There are even people listed that I have blocked from my newsfeed.  Let’s face it, most of the crap that people post on Facebook is just that, crap!  So I block most of my “friends” from my newsfeed.  I don’t need to see every photo of someone’s son’s little league game, or read how enthusiastic someone is to cook quinoa for the first time.  I have my “special” friends and family in my newsfeed, and others I check out when I have the time or want to chat.  Recently, those blocked people have been showing up in my newsfeed in these “sponsored” posts.  The only way you know these posts are not legitimate is the small, grayscale word “sponsored” in the upper left corner.  Other than that, it looks like a regular newsfeed post.

Thank you, Facebook, for making my daily check on my friends and family even more tedious by putting this crap in front of me.  I would drop out of Facebook if I had another way of keeping in touch with people.  I think Facebook knows they have people by the short and curlies because most people these days keep up with their friends and family there.  That’s why they felt they could unknowingly experiment on a million people by showing them depressing news posts from friends and then seeing if they posted depressing things.  Now it’s this business with the fake news posts.  This has to stop.  There are other ways to keep in touch, but they aren’t as easy as Facebook.  We need to find a way to eliminate them from our lives before they take over everything!

Below are the “sponsored” newsfeed posts that I encountered in 1 hour of Facebook this afternoon.  Remind you….this is only in 1 hour!!

This one came with someone's name attached to it as a friend who had "liked" the page!

This one came with someone’s name attached to it as a friend who had “liked” the page!

Apparently, several of my friends had "liked" this page as well.

Apparently, several of my friends had “liked” this page as well.

sponsored 3

sponsored 4

sponsored 5

Apparently, some of my friends had also "liked" this page!

Apparently, some of my friends had also “liked” this page!

So, 6 of these fake newsfeed posts in about 1 hour on Facebook.  If I had gone back through my “wall” history, I could have found a dozen more, just from today alone.  This is ridiculous, Facebook!  Find another way to advertise!


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