Blaming Malaysia Airlines for MH17

I know that this is the 2nd disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines jet in 4 months, but this wasn’t their fault.  I’m tired of hearing people blame the airline for some moron separatist terrorists and their asshole leaders who told them to down a civilian airliner.  The real people who should be blamed are the “rebel” cowards and the Russians who support them.  These people have lost whatever shred of respect they ever had.  And, believe me, it was very little to begin with.

There’s something to be said about rebelling against your government because it’s oppressive or because your beliefs do not match up.  That’s a noble cause, and sometimes it’s the right thing to do.  These Ukrainian separatists are not noble.  They are not rebelling for the right reasons.  They are rebelling because they’re supported and incited by a government thousands of miles away, in Moscow, that just wants to scoop up land that will make it more powerful.  They don’t care about the “ethnic Russians” in Ukraine…..they care about the natural resources and warm water ports that Crimea and eastern Ukraine will give them.  Ethnicity is a red herring that the Russian government is pushing to hide its true agenda.  Also, the Ukrainian government never suppressed ethnic Russians, nor did anything to make them feel oppressed.  The government was looking for new allies and, because it was looking to the west, in Europe, the Russians felt they would lose their influence over them.  In fact, it’s now being said that the “rebels” shot down MH17 because they were using a RUSSIAN missile system that doesn’t identify military and civilian aircraft differently, and they thought they were shooting at a Ukrainian transport plane that was supposed to be in the sky at the same time as MH17.  So, now the excuse is “my bad?!”

Comparison between the MH 777 and a Russian Antonov transport plane

Comparison between the MH 777 and a Russian Antonov transport plane (from

So, don’t blame Malaysia Airlines.  It’s just the airline that got caught up in coward terrorist bullshit.  It could have been any plane at any time.  Singapore Airlines uses the same flight-path dozens of times per day, as do many Asian airlines.  This was not the fault of Malaysian airlines.  All airlines flying that same path were given the green-light by Ukrainian air traffic control and told that it was “unrestricted” to fly 10,000 meters or higher above the war zone.  Hell, I flew over Northern Iraq during my recent flight back to Singapore, and that’s a horrible warzone as well.  You don’t hear about any civilian planes being taken down in that area, do you?

Flight MH17 was shot down by militants who shouldn’t be able to run their own lives, let alone a rebellion.  As for MH370, the missing flight in the Indian Ocean, we can’t be certain what happened until we find the wreckage.  That may be the fault of Malaysia Airlines, but we can’t place blame yet.  One thing that is certain, however, is that the fate of MH17 was not their fault, so stop blaming them.

Below are some interesting graphics about MH17, and a link to an editorial from the Malaysian Insider.

Map of air space around Ukraine 2 hours after MH17 was downed.

Map of air space around Ukraine 2 hours after MH17 was downed (from The Guardian)

Explanation of events leading up to the tragedy of MH17 (From The Guardian)

Explanation of events leading up to the tragedy of MH17 (From The Times)

Link to the article with the above graphic:




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  1. Hmmmm… I agree with you about the responsibility lying with the separatists, but some international airlines were already avoiding the war zone completely before the shooting down. With 20/20 hindsight, perhaps ALL airlines would have been well advised to follow this policy…

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