Being Mr. Sweaty Guy

Yesterday, I had a procedure done at the hospital.  It’s called “radio frequency nerve ablasion”  (  Through this procedure, I’m not supposed to feel the pain that my herniated disks are causing.  How it works is the nerves around the herniation are pummeled with heat waves to deaden the endings.  This, then, causes them not to send pain impulses to the brain.  I hope it works, but I won’t know for a few days because the procedure does leave swelling and causes a little pain.

Because of the pain, my doctor gave me some pain pills that contain Tramadol and also some Celebrex for the swelling.  The combination of the 2 is causing me to sweat profusely.  Now, I know what you’re thinking: “you live in Singapore, don’t you sweat all the time?”  Actually, when I first moved here I did, but my body has adjusted to the warmth, and I don’t sweat as much as I did.  Yesterday and today, however, I have been sweating up a storm.  I have been in air conditioned rooms, with the air con turned very low, and still sweated.  Last night, in bed, I sweated so much that I had to change my pillows because they were so wet.  I’m actually laying in bed in a 20-degree (70-degree) room in my boxer shorts right now, and I’m sweating.  This is a most disgusting side effect.

I tried to forego my pain pill this afternoon while I was at work, because I’m attributing the sweating to the increased medication and I didn’t want to sweat away the afternoon, but the swelling hurt so bad that I wound up taking it anyway.  And then I sweated all the way home.  I sincerely hope my back gets better quickly because I’m heading for dehydration!


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  1. Oh, yikes. I hope you feel better, both pain and comfort-wise, soon!

    Sweat is a pain. There are those people who just don’t sweat and they drive me crazy. I come from the land of cold so I am rarely tolerant of heat at all and… sweat ensues.

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