Reblog: Firecrackers

I’m linking you here to a post I did way back in February (right around Chinese New Year – how about that!).  The reason for the reblog is I am currently residing in my parents’ house in Commack, New York.  I am visiting here on a holiday from Singapore.  I am being forced to listen to loud bangs, cracks and whistles from the house a few doors down because they are setting off firecrackers in celebration of the American Independence Day tomorrow.  These idiots have to make noise and annoy the neighborhood “all in the name of patriotism!”  I guess the noise is meant to mimic war sounds, the time when any country is the most patriotic.  It’s like a flashback to China all over again.  Although the Americans only set these annoying headache-inducers off once a year (unlike the Chinese that set them off for whatever occasion they can dream up at the moment), it’s just as annoying and pointless as the Chinese!

fire crackersSo, I give you my first reblog, “Firecrackers!”


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