Having to Wait for the Advertisements to Load in on Websites

This one’s going to be short, because I have to prepare my suitcase for my trip to the United States to see my family.

Lately, I have been frequenting an awesome website called “I Fucking Love Science” (www.iflscience.com).  It is very cool, and, as many of you who know me on Facebook know, I love sharing some of their stuff.  I also like to read “The Huffington Post” online (www.huffingtonpost.com) and (much more lately) the FIFA website to check on the World Cup madness (www.fifa.com).  These are a few of my “go-to” websites when I’m bored and want to surf the web.  More often than not, lately, I have gotten stuck where the page loaded in and I wanted to scroll down to see the story, but I have to wait for the annoying advertisements to load in.  So I’m stuck there for about a minute, staring at a headline that seems interesting, yet unreadable, while the annoying ads roll in.  Sometimes these ads are videos, and I have to wait even longer while they stream and buffer on the side of the screen.  This keeps me from reading the articles I want, or from watching the videos I want to see.  Often I’ll be watching a video on a website, and an advertisement video begins and the sound from one masks the sound from the other.  It’s gotten ridiculous, really.

I know that advertisements are how the websites I like are able to remain free.  I get that premise, but I don’t have to like it!  Also, websites should be more controlling of the advertisements that appear on them so as to not make the website load in more slowly, or disappoint their readers.  It will make life so much easier for those of us who are there for the content and not the annoying ads!


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