When You Try to Make Something New…..and Fail

I like to cook.  I don’t do it often because I hate the cleanup, and my back keeps me from standing in front of the stove for too long, but I like to do it.  I’m a little adventurous in my cooking, and I try new things.  I always think that what I’m about to do is going to taste amazing, and will give new meaning to the term “cuisine,” but that’s not usually the way.  I have failed miserably many times with things I have tried to make.

Recently, I went on a very aggressive diet.  I’m back to eating food (after weeks of only meal-replacement shakes), but still having the shakes 1-2 times daily.  The shakes are getting boring, and the vanilla flavor is absolutely disgusting.  I have taken to adding a little cinnamon to it, and it has moved from disgusting to slightly bearable.  Yesterday I got the bright idea to freeze the shake.  “It will be just like ice cream,” I thought.  So, I made a shake last night and put it in the freezer for today.  It’s nothing like ice cream, in fact (if this is possible), it’s worse than when I would just make it normally and drink it.  It’s frozen solid, and the only way to eat it is to scrape the spoon along the surface and eat shavings (in true Marino’s Italian Ice fashion).  The shavings taste like they’re freezer-burnt, and I can’t taste the cinnamon much at all.  My project has failed miserably!

It always happens that I’m disappointed with my newest concoction, but I thought this would be different.  I have been craving ice cream ever since I’ve been on this diet, and I thought this was my answer.  Oh well…..back to the drawing board!


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