“Strangers in Danger”

strangers 1In the latest offering of the “morons that get flown around the world and paid lots of money to be morons” television series we have Strangers in Danger.  This is quite possibly the stupidest and most moronic television program since Jackass went off the air.  In this program, Fuel TV dug some second-rate BMX bikers out of the dust and sends them to different places in the world to so they can try the most outrageous and dangerous things.  The morons in this program (like it matters) are Mike Escamilla and Zach Yankush, and they are more annoying than anyone on Jackass ever was because they take themselves too seriously.  At least the guys in Jackass knew they were being, well, jackasses.  Mike and Zach know they’re doing stupid and crazy crap, but they try to make it slightly educational by describing what they’re doing and how it became popular in that country.  I don’t think they’re educating anyone….the only people watching this show are pre-pubescent 7th graders and drunk off-season armchair quarterbacks.

strangers 2Luckily, or unluckily for most of the world, the Fuel Network really doesn’t have that many viewers to begin with.  So, Strangers in Danger, with their 12 regular viewers has been picked up for a second season.  What the hell are they thinking?!?!  These two guys are such complete and total idiots, and they blatantly hawk products for companies that sponsor their BMX careers, that they should not just be cancelled, but should be banned from television forever.  It worked with Bam Margera!  Nobody sees him any more (and thankfully so).  The age of the morons doing stupid crap is over.  People need to stop allowing networks (I use the term VERY loosely with Fuel Network) put on this crap.  It’s not entertainment, and when the rest of us (who are watching a reputable channel in Singapore – The Bio Network) have to see commercials for this claptrap every half hour, it makes us hate the network more, and we will stop watching.  I sincerely hope that one of these guys gets hurt during filming the moronic crap that they do.  It will then show all the 12-year-olds that watch the show and want to emulate these jackasses that it’s actually really dangerous and only idiots with 1/3 of a brain should be doing it!  I’m just waiting for the Darwin Awards to include one of these stupid pricks!


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