When the Escalator Stops Moving

escalator 1I hate when you’re somewhere and the escalator breaks….I mean stops moving….and becomes a very tricky, cumbersome flight of stairs.  I know that you’re saying, when the escalator breaks, just walk up or down.  I know, and I’m clued in to this, but the escalator never actually acts like a normal flight of stairs when it stops, does it?

escalator 2First of all, escalators are designed to move people up and down mechanically, they are not designed to use as stairs.  They have those ridges in them that help the steps flatten and move through the belt.  These ridges hurt when you’re walking up or down and they come in contact with your leg.  I have gotten cuts and bruises from these ridges before.  Second, the steps on the escalator are abnormally far apart.  This is done so that the people standing on the escalator are not too close to each other when it’s working correctly, but does not translate to a good set of stairs when you have to lift your leg higher than usual, facing a run-in with those ridges, just to climb or descend.  Lastly, at the top and the bottom, the steps get closer together, making a higher risk of a fall or other injury because now you have to change the amount of separation between your steps.  Escalators do not make good stairs!  That’s why they’re designed as escalators!  Keep them well-maintained and in good working order!!!!



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