Rocky Beaches


beach 1I like beaches.  They are great in the summer time when you can find a nice, quiet spot away from all the loud children and crazy 20-somethings that scream and run and make all sorts of noise.  I know…the beach is for fun, and I’m supposed to expect the noise, but the beach is also for relaxing and getting some sun.  It’s for listening to the waves as they lap at the shore.  The beach is for lazing around, wasting the beautiful sunny day.  That is, sandy and smooth beaches are for that.  Rocky beaches are for walking like you’re hurt, red soles of your feet, aching backs and stinky seaweed.  Rocky beaches are not somewhere I want to be.

Living in Long Island while I was growing up, I was treated to two kinds of beaches.  I lived in a town called Commack, right in the middle of the island.  It’s about 10 miles (20 km) in either direction (north or south) before you hit a beach.  If you go south, you’re treated to the lush sands of the Atlantic coast.  The beaches here are sandy and slick, albeit crowded and loud.  If you go north, you arrive at Long Island Sound, with rocks and rocks and more rocks.  There’s very little sand at the Sound beaches, but there are fewer people and it’s more quiet.  So, you see, I was torn between relaxing quiet and painful feet or loud craziness and sandy soles.  I usually chose neither, having a pool in the backyard that promised both relaxing quiet and didn’t induce pain in my feet and back.

beach 3Now, when I plan beach holidays, I’m always mindful of the type of beach I will be going to.  I look for smooth, sandy beaches, but I also look for areas where there will be few people and more quiet, wave-lapping comfort.  I have found it a few times.  Sometimes I have to pay a little more for a resort with a private beach, but I find it worth it.  My trip to Hainan, in China, was to a resort with a private beach, and all I heard was the waves and the seagulls.  My trip to Langkawi, on the other hand, was more “public” beach than private, however the gray weather didn’t allow much beach time, anyway.  Now I’m planning another beach holiday and I’m looking at beaches in the Pacific because they’re not as rocky as Atlantic beaches.  They’re also shallower than Atlantic beaches.

One thing is for certain, I will NEVER choose a rocky beach again.  They aren’t relaxing, even if they’re deserted.  It’s so difficult to walk even a couple of meters, let alone relax on the rocks.  Most Mediterranean beaches I’ve been to have been very rocky.  Areas with rocky beaches should pump some off-shore sand onto the beach to make it more pleasing to the beach-goers.  It will increase attendance at the beaches and increase revenue.  But, then again, maybe the few people who do go to the rocky beaches don’t want the company!


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