Pools With Too Much Chlorine

pool 1Recently, I went for a swim in a public (well, semi-public) pool that had way too much chlorine in it.  Thankfully it did have chlorine, because, as we all know, in public pools nobody can be responsible for what the children (and sometimes adults) do in the pool.  The chlorine supposedly kills all….in this case it also killed my fun.

Chlorine is used in pools so the pools do not become infested with algae and turn green.  It’s also used to kill bacteria and viruses that might otherwise breed in the pool.  It’s a good thing, but too much of it can be a problem.  It burns the eyes and stings the nose.  It makes it difficult to swim because you’re concerned about swallowing it or inhaling too many of the fumes.  It’s a dangerous chemical that can do lots of harm to the body.  In addition, when you get out of the pool, the chlorine leaves your skin dry and ashy, and your hair brittle and straw-like.  Also, your breathing is shallow because your lungs have closed up a little because of the amount of chlorine you’ve inhaled.

pool 2While I don’t dispute the need for chlorine, I dispute the need for SO MUCH chlorine.  People are paid good money to take care of pools.  You would think that they know what they’re doing and they know how much chlorine to put into a pool before it becomes harmful.  But, I left this pool with red eyes, stinging and tearing, and skin so dry that my fingernail left ruts in it.  These people need to understand the chemistry of chlorine and water before they profess themselves as pool experts.

Many establishments and homes are switching to ionized saltwater pools.  While there is still the sting in the eyes, it’s better for the skin and it doesn’t cause too much harm if you swallow a little bit of it.  It’s also all-natural, so it doesn’t harm the environment.  All pools should turn to the ionized salt, and drop the chlorine.  It does the same job, and it’s just better!



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