Randy and Jason Sklar

sklar 1If you saw the title of this post and thought “who the hell are they,” consider yourself lucky.  It means you have never watched any of the B-grade television programs or talk shows that these no-talent hacks have prostituted themselves to do.  Randy and Jason Sklar are the lowest form of celebrity.  They are below the B list, and they pop up again just at the time when you finally got over the last time they destroyed a TV program or a movie.

sklar 2Randy and Jason Sklar used to have a program on ESPN 2 which was mildly popular.  I guess men who watch ESPN 2 don’t really care who the person is on the screen reporting the sports, they only care about the sports.  I’ll be this person in a few days when the World Cup is on (please go back and read my post on “Fair Weather Fans” if your friends all of a sudden love soccer and can’t get enough of it).  The Sklar Brothers, as they like to be called, brought their brand of pathetic “comedy” to the screen in their ESPN 2 show, but they began at MTV, and, as we know…..everything on MTV is gold (NOT!).  These guys even stunk up the screen there, and their show only lasted one season.  I totally blame MTV for unleashing these talentless hacks on the world.

But, that didn’t stop them.  Like the cockroaches they are, they were re-born to sportscasting and found a home at ESPN 2.  Here they could do no harm to true entertainment because, as we all know, the entertainment in sports is the actual game that’s being played, not the moron on the microphone.  And morons these guys are!

The Sklar brothers have wormed their way into other television and even movies.  I have no idea why people keep casting them (albeit in bit parts)!  They’ve appeared in popular shows like CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Entourage.  They’ve also been in a few movies (thankfully, not anything that was overwhelmingly popular), like Bubble Boy and Wild Hogs.  Who keeps casting these idiots??  Why are they getting jobs???

sklar 3A couple of years ago, the History Channel (one of my favorites) cast them as the hosts of an interesting program called The United Stats of America.  The show highlighted different statistics about the people and locations in the United States.  I managed to get through 2 episodes of this program before I gave up.  I just couldn’t deal with the stupidity.  These brothers actually ruined a perfectly good idea from the History Channel, and caused the show to fail (it’s officially on “indefinite hiatus”).  Their brand of stupid, kindergarten comedy just doesn’t fly with people of intelligence and guile.  They’re more suited to the half-drunk weekend armchair quarterback who doesn’t care who’s speaking as long as he gets the watch the game.  People need to stop hiring these imbeciles!  They need to be stomped out for good!


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