magenta 1Just to clarify, this post is about how I hate the color magenta, and not about how I hate the character Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.   The character Magenta is an iconic role from cinematic history, the color magenta is just disgusting.

Some people like to call it “hot pink,” but it’s not.  Hot pink is a different shade and is not as bright and disgusting as the color magenta.  It is not appealing in any way.  It does help us (in a way) because it’s part of the CMYK color wheel, which color printers use to print magazines, newspapers and the like.  If you look in the bottom corner of magazine pages, sometimes you see small blocks of individual colors….one of those is invariably magenta.

Magenta just doesn’t have any appeal to a normal human.  It’s brash, in-your-face and so much trying to be fuschia.  Magenta is the wannabe of colors….not quite red, not quite purple, not quite pink…..wanting to be all things and, in actuality, being none.

magenta 2Because of its brashness and otherworldly look, young people have adopted this color as part of their fashion palette.  They use it in clothing, make up, hair coloring and accessories.  Magenta really doesn’t go with anything (although some say it’s the complimentary color to green).  I don’t think it’s a complementary color to anything!  Magenta is just so horrible to look at.  It’s like pink got drunk one night and had a threesome with red and purple…..and magenta was born.  A disgusting combination.

A few years ago, I was watching an episode of the Golden Girls, in which Blanche talks about her hatred for the color magenta, and I thought “finally, someone who shares my issue!”  I know Blanche is only a fictional character, but someone had to write that dialogue, and that person is my brother/sister in magenta-hatred.  They understand where I’m coming from, and they understand the horrible color that is magenta!

Blanche discusses magenta



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