People Who Bring Babies to Movies

Today’s blog was inspired by a Facebook post by my friend Dave.  Dave and his wife are longtime readers of my blog, and have commented on the similarities in our thinking many times.  Here’s Dave’s Facebook post:

daveI have been meaning to write something like this post for about a week; ever since I saw the new X-Men movie last weekend and had to sit through the crying fit of a baby about 3 rows behind me.  First of all, X-Men is not an appropriate movie for young children.  There’s a lot of violence and death, and the main characters are not always the nicest people.  Although the American ratings board gave it a PG-13 rating, it is still not appropriate for young children.  This is especially true for children too young to even understand the damn movie.  I agree with Dave.  The only reason anyone would bring a child too young to understand a movie to a movie theater is if they are too damn cheap to pay a babysitter.

I’m surprised that movie theaters will even allow people with young children to go into the theater.  It’s almost inevitable that the child will start to act up at some point, and ruin the movie for all those around him/her.  Unless the kid is in a catatonic state, and the noise of the movie won’t even stir him/her, he/she will wake up and will probably begin wailing.  I think movie theater companies owe it to their (high price) paying customers to keep this from happening.  They should not let people in with children that are too young for the film.  One commenter on Dave’s post said that his theater charges full adult price for infants coming to the theater after 6PM.  Brilliant!  That’s a start, but not enough!

Another one of Dave’s friends commented on his post that at their movie theater, they have “Stars and Strollers” viewing, where parents can come to see a movie and bring their children.  The movie may not be a child’s film, but the sound isn’t as loud as other films and people expect there to be other children around.  This is an excellent idea!  Of course, she lives in Canada….leave it to the Canadians!

This is just another time in life when childless people have to be inconvenienced by people who have decided to procreate, and have to take their children everywhere.  I don’t begrudge people with children.   I think it’s a great thing to raise the next generation of people, but there are certain things you have given up when you have a child.  You have given up going to the adult movie, unless you hire someone to watch your kid!  I understand that people want to live their lives as they did before they had children, but that can’t happen.  Once the sperm and egg join together, your life has now changed forever.  There are just some places you should not bring your kids and some places you can bring your kids, but you have to keep control of them.  Most also need to do a better job keeping control of them when they do take them out!  I wish more parents would realize that there’s a world of people out there who (for whatever reason) have chosen NOT to have children, and these people need to live their lives.  These people also do not want to be inconvenienced by you and your children.  The parents are the ones who decided to have children, and, therefore, THEY need to make the adjustment and understand when and where it’s appropriate to bring the kids.  It’s not the other way around!!  People without children do NOT need to cut parents some slack because the sperm knows how to swim well.  We childless people don’t need to be understanding when the colicky brat behind us at the 9PM showing starts crying….get a babysitter or don’t come to the film!!!!



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