Internet “Fail” Videos

I admit, I love to watch the fail videos on YouTube.  I laugh and I laugh, I share them with friends on Facebook, I link to them in e-mails, it’s an obsession.  Just this afternoon, I spent over an hour watching “fail” videos on YouTube, when I had gone there to check out the video to Jackson Browne’s Lawyers in Love ( so I can relive 1983.

I have no problem with the posting of these videos, nor with the people who make them.  I love to watch them…..that’s what annoys me.  I guarantee that you will take longer on this post than any of my other ones because you’ll end up watching all the videos.  I did, and it wasted me about an hour and 20 minutes.  Finally, I stopped because I was interrupted by a phone call.  These are funny, but it’s pathetic WHY they are funny.  They are funny because humans are inherently moronic.  These videos expose the stupidity that exists in the human species and make us see that there are really complete idiots out there.  Many of the “fails” occur because people try to do things that they just shouldn’t be doing.  They may call themselves “daredevils,” but I call them morons!

The worst things about these “fail” videos is that they are awesome time vampires.  They suck the time away, and before you know it, 3 hours have gone by.  They are like that because you have to see how unfortunate all the people in the videos are.  It makes you laugh and think “at least that didn’t happen to me.”  I’m with you on that, I like them, but it annoys me that I do.  It annoys me that I have spent hundreds of hours of my life watching these videos, but it also annoys me that people have spent thousands of hours MAKING these videos and it annoys me that these videos will never stop because people are inherently morons!  Well, I guess I’ll just sit back and watch the next guy get hit in the crotch with a bowling ball and laugh my butt off!



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