People Who Stand Up on Airplanes Before the Seatbelt Sign is Turned Off

I went away this past weekend.  A lovely time, but there were a couple of things that annoyed me (as usual).  Expect my next few posts to be about things that annoyed me on my trip.  First off…..people who stand up on airplanes before the seatbelt sign has been turned off.

Safety issues aside (I’ll get to that later), I have to ask…..where are you going?!?!?  Do you really think standing up a half second before everyone else is going to get you off the plane any faster?!?!  It’s an airplane!!  It’s a giant enclosed steel cigar.  It takes them at least a couple of minutes to get that giant hallway attached to the door (or, in smaller airports, to drive the stairs over), and you’re not going anywhere until it’s set.  Also….if you’re near the back of the plane, you still have all the people seated ahead of you to get out before you can even move!  Even those people who are still seated will be out before you!!  Now you’re stuck in the aisle with your oversized carry-on, boxed in like a sardine because you’re not the only moron who jumped the gun and got up while the plane was still moving.  There’s a reason the seatbelt sign stays on!!

Now to the safety issue.  If the plane is moving, you sit down….simple as that.  You don’t jump up because we’ve slowed down, you don’t even unbuckle and remain seated.  Keep it on!!  There’s a reason for it, and that reason is so idiots like you don’t fall down when the plane stops abruptly and keep the rest of us sitting there while we wait for paramedics to come and check you out (it happened once when I flew into Los Angeles).  Once, on a flight from Madrid to New York, the plane stopped and the flight attendant came on to let us  know that we had to be towed into the bay (we weren’t actually at the terminal yet)….you would have thought the carnival began because almost everyone started to get up.  The flight attendant actually got back on the speaker and yelled at everyone to sit down.  He said they wouldn’t open the door until everyone was seated.  He was awesome!!!

There is no reason to jump up on the plane before the plane has stopped and the seatbelt sign is off.  It’s not going to get you any further in the queue to get off the plane, it’s not going to make you any friends when you try to get your luggage out of the overhead and crack the poor sap who obeyed the rules over his head with it and it’s not going to be safe for anyone when you fall on your ass because the plane is still moving and you’re standing up.  Please don’t do it….just wait until you’re supposed to get up!!



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