Highlighters That Dry Out Too Quickly

highlight 3

I am a highlighting fiend.  I love my highlighters because they make it easier for me to work out priorities and to organize myself.  As a teacher, it’s important to always remain organized, lest the students catch on that you’re really only a couple of days ahead of them.  Highlighters not only help me organize, but a nicely highlighted document, with several colors, can give the illusion that you’re highly organized as well.  Nobody questions a person with sheets and sheets of highlighted material (don’t get me started on how much Post-Its purport this organized facade).

highlight 1Sometimes I use the highlighters too much and the edge of my hand becomes very colorful.  Sometimes I go home in a rainbow of color because I was highlighting too much.  At home, I don’t highlight very much.  I write myself notes and stick them places I know I’m bound to see them when I need to, but highlighting has not carried over into my home life.  Maybe it should, then I might be more organized at home.  I guess there’s no real need to be, who needs to highlight documents when they’re home?

HighlightersMy problem with highlighters is when they dry out.  Very often, a school will buy the least expensive highlighters they can get to give to their staff (they usually buy cheap White-Out as well).  Stationery supplies are expensive, I understand that, and a good way to save money is to buy less expensive products.  However, highlighters is NOT where they should skimp.  Sometimes, while using a highlighter for the first time, it will only highlight partially, or it will get lighter as I continue to drag it across a line of text.  These highlighters dry out almost immediately when they’re used.  These are the generic, cheap highlighters.  These are the ones that, if you leave the cap off for 30 seconds, get hard and dry.  Schools need to invest in good highlighters if they want an organized staff.  Sharpie, Staedtler  and Stabilo are the best, and they last very long (yes, I’m a connoisseur of highlighters).  I need to have the good stuff, otherwise I won’t be (or seem to be) as organized as I am.

Incidentally, my favorite highlighter color is orange.  It seems to get the job done well.  I also like green and blue.  The other colors are too bright or too dark.  The yellow color is way too bright and light, pink is dark and purple makes the words almost incomprehensible.  I need orange or green or blue.  And I need it to last!  That’s it!




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