Battery Low

low bat 3

I decided to see how long the battery in my Toshiba laptop lasts today.  I turned it on this morning, and I left it while I went to work (yes, I had to go to work on a Sunday).  Unfortunately, the thing went to sleep while I was out, so I’m writing now on a computer that is not plugged in.  I just turned it back on, and, from the 20 minutes this morning and 20 minutes right now, my battery is already half gone!

I got to work this morning, and I took my Mac (they force me to use a Mac at work) off the charger.  It was at 100% charge.  I placed it on the desk and opened it.  It said 99%.  It was, like, a second!!!!  What the hell!?!?  Why do these batteries not last very long?!?  Haven’t people invented batteries that can last a long time?  I charged that Mac all night, and it lost 1% of its battery in a second?!?!  Through the day, I kept checking the Mac battery.  By the time my day was over (at about 2:30PM), the battery had 2% left.  That’s 6 hours….not too bad, but it could be a lot better.  These batteries need to be better lasting.  The damn batteries in my flashlight have been in there since I bought the damn thing 6 years ago in Madrid, and they still work!

low bat 2The battery in my mobile phone dies too quickly as well.  After 2 hours of WhatsApping and sending text messages, it’s telling me that it has 12% battery left.  Why don’t the manufacturers make better batteries?!?  Granted, my phone is a Lenovo Android phone (a Chinese knock off of the Samsung Galaxy), but that’s not a good enough reason.  If the Chinese want to be taken seriously as a manufacturer of electronics, they need to develop the technology as well.

Many of my friends complain that their IPhone batteries die too quickly.  As you know, I have IPhobia, so I won’t buy an IPhone, but I will say that my IPod battery does die rather quickly.  It can’t even last through a flight from Shanghai to Singapore (about 5 hours)!  This is Apple!!!!  Even Apple can’t perfect the long-term battery!  They advertise that they are the cutting edge of technology, but nobody can use it because their devices are always out of battery charge!!  For shame, Steve Jobs, for shame!

When I was younger, I bought a laptop with the “extended life” battery.  This thing lasted about an hour longer than the normal battery, but took up too much space.  It stuck out the back of the laptop like a peninsula.  I had to be careful when putting it down on a table that it didn’t push anything behind it off the edge….it was like driving a bus (all the business is in the back).  I’m appalled that electronics manufacturers have not found a way to make batteries longer lasting.  As it is, because I know the battery dies so quickly, I leave my computer constantly plugged in.  My father says that can make the battery not last as long, but I have to do it, otherwise my battery lasts less than 2 hours.  It’s already gone down quite a lot since I started writing this post.  I would hate to see what happens if I decide to stream something!  I’m longing for the day when I can charge up my computer once a week, and walk around with it all the time.  That day may never come, but a boy can dream!

The battery indicator now.

The battery indicator now.


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