“Downton Abbey”

downtonI adore Maggie Smith.  I think she shines in anything she is in, and she is a classy woman with some exceptional talent.  She brings a level of sophistication to any role she plays, but can also play it down, and actually is very good at comedy (see Sister Act).

maggieFor a while now, people have been pushing me to watch Downton Abbey, a British period drama set in the UK during the 1940s.  I have resisted because I’m not a fan of historical dramas, but when I found out that Maggie Smith was in it, I decided to give it a try.  She is a great actress and she wouldn’t do a role that made her look bad.

I have watched 3 episodes of this snoozer of a television show.  Or, rather, I should say I’ve rewound and re-watched 3 episodes of this snoozer several times because I constantly fall asleep on it.  It is exactly what I thought it would be….a boring, British drama, albeit set in a nice castle in the countryside.  Granted, there is a little comic relief with the staff, but it seems to be thrown in there as an afterthought because the writers realized just how sleep-inducing the rest of the program is. If you’re suffering from insomnia, this one’s for you.  Yet, people are obsessed with it.

No less than 5 of my friends have independently told me that I should watch this show.  What is the obsession…it’s not that good?  It won dozens of Emmy awards for television, and critics have lauded it over and over again.  Granted, the critics love a boring period piece that cures insomnia, and will recommend them until the end of time.  I’m just surprised by the number of “normal” people who love the show.  It’s talked about time and time again on other programs, and people from Jay Leno to Kanye West have said that they watch it.  People have Downton Abbey marathons in their homes and parties for the season premieres!!  What?!?!  Have they all gone mad?!?!?

I gave it a chance, and I fell asleep.  People who are obsessed with the show are obviously insane.  I will say, the acting is very good and I can understand the awards that have been given to the show, but as popular as it is, you would expect it to be more of a crowd-pleaser.  I guess I will never understand the hype, and I will never watch it again.  Come on, Maggie, do something else!!!


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