Russell Hantz

russell 3Russell Hantz started to get famous when he was a contestant on Survivor: Samoa.  During the game, he consistently talked about other players as being idiots, about how he knew what he was doing and about how he could play the game better then anyone.  Russell assumed he was the only possible winner of the game and, when he didn’t win, he threw a baby hissy fit all over that Survivor stage.  This is Russell, an egotistical nightmare who winges and cries whenever he doesn’t get his way.

russell 1First let’s look at Hantz’s background.  Hantz is worth over US$2 million because he is part owner of an oil company in Texas.  He works with his father and brother at the oil company, and has also bought a bar in Louisiana.  He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.  He also recently began a house-flipping business in Texas with his brother.  He is not a good person, having been arrested for battery in Louisiana and alienating all his employees and family at one time.

Hantz did not need to go on Survivor, but did so because his ego is larger than he is (he’s a very short man) and he thought he was better than everyone else.  He played people off each other and didn’t care what he did to get people voted out.  The fact that he didn’t win any of the 3 seasons he was on is a testament to the Survivor viewers who weren’t happy with his crap.  Hantz is considered one of, if not THE, worst villains in Survivor history.  He played his character well, or so I thought, but now, after seeing him in interviews and on his new program, I know he really is a sexist egotistical lying hypocritical bigot (to quote 9 to 5).  He ruined that show and people hated him.  Unfortunately, people love to hate famous people, and his despicable personality got him invited back for 2 more seasons.  Luckily, in his last season, he was voted out second.  People had had enough.

russell 2He used his ill-gotten fame to push his relatives onto reality television, getting his nephew onto Survivor (twice) and his younger brother onto Big Brother.  He knows how to work the system and he knows that the mere mention of “Russell Hantz” to a Survivor fan will bring red faces and emotions of anger and hatred.  He uses this to his advantage, and his unbelievably enormous ego just keeps getting fed by the public who love to hate him.  Recently, A&E brought him back to TV in a television program called Flipped Off, where a crew follows him and his brother around as they flip houses and try to sell them for a profit.  Once again, Russell is a complete ass and manages to alienate everyone around him, including his brother and their real estate agent.

The time for this moron’s 15 minutes has long passed.  It’s time to retire little Russell to the hall of forgotten idiots.  He’ll be joined there by Richard Hatch, Bam Margera, Rebecca Black and his (one time) co-star, Rob Mariano.  He’s trying to hold on too tight to whatever scraps of a public life he has.  It’s time to forget about him and move on to the next egotistical misogynist!


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