Ants With Wings

wing 2I have a little problem in my apartment.  There are about 100 tiny winged ants flying around.  I did the research online, and found out that they’re actually not ants….they are winged termites!  I have no idea where they came from, nor any idea why they are here (I live in a cinder block construction building).  Yet, here I am, sharing my living quarters with them.  There are about 10 of them right now swarming around the light in the kitchen.  They lose their wings and drop to the floor periodically (luckily I have a built-in termite catcher after that – my cat).

Termites don’t harm people, they don’t bite and they don’t do any damage to anything except wood, so I have nothing really to worry about.  And it has to be wood that is moist, or alive.  So, I guess my kitchen cabinets and furniture are out of the question, then.  They’re just creepy and disgusting….apparently….and they will die if they can’t find a way out of my apartment.  I leave the terrace door slightly open all the time because the litter box for my small exterminator is out there, so they should find a way out soon, but my question is how did they get in?  And why are they hanging around?

Every so often, I find a tiny wing on the table or I step on one that has fallen to the floor.  It’s very gross and very annoying.  I think I’ll go buy some bug spray tomorrow!

wing 1



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