People Who are Obsessed with British Royalty

wedding williamIt has been reported that almost 3 billion people worldwide watched Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton.  I don’t believe that the number was that high….more like 100-200 million….but that’s still a lot of people!  My question is…..why?  Who cares?  Why is it such an important worldwide thing?  Why do people care?  The royals are NOT in charge.  They have no power and they have no say in what’s done in the government.  They are figureheads that don’t rule the country anymore.  They are just people with shiny hats!!!

queenYet, people all over the world DO care.  There are a lot of people who are obsessed with the British royal family.  These people don’t all live in the UK, in fact, they live in countries all over the world….many of which are former British colonies.  It’s estimated that 26 million Americans watched the wedding, and that was at anytime from 3AM (on the West coast) to 6AM (on the East coast).  What are these people thinking??!!  They have to actively get up early to make sure they watch this thing.  Furthermore, there have been estimates that 5-10 million more Americans streamed it online.  I thought Americans fought a war with England all those years ago to get away from royalty…..why are they obsessed now?!?!

prince charlesNations in the Commonwealth of Nations even include the Queen on their money.  Many of them continue to have some form of the Union Jack flag as part of their flags.  Why do they feel such a kinship with the country that ruled them as colonies?  What is their obsession with the royalty of the United Kingdom?

The world watched in horror when Princess Diana was killed.  There were vigils and memorials all over the globe.  Now, I don’t dispute that it was a horrible thing and that she was a remarkable woman, but not because she was a princess.  She was a remarkable woman for all the charitable work she did and for being a good mother to her children (who she knew were destined for a life in the spotlight and under the fist of Granny Elizabeth).  Yet, the main reason people watched and mourned was because their princess was dead.  Prince Charles had already moved on….creating a scandal for the royals….yet Diana was still considered royalty, so people were (once again) obsessed.

sarahThe world loved to watch the antics of Sarah Ferguson and her husband, Andrew.  Perhaps this was because, as royals, they didn’t really behave like royalty.  I can’t imagine what it must be like to go through life knowing you’re the second choice all the time.  Whether it’s Andrew or Sarah….we know they’re not the spotlight babies.  So they acted up and misbehaved…and the world (once again) watched with obsession.  Lest we forget which royal brother was divorced first!  When their kids were born, the world talked about it.  It was front page news on all the major newspapers in the world.  It is not news!!!  It is entertainment, it is part of the society page, or (least likely) part of the “world news” section.  But, it is NOT front page news!!

william babyNow the world is obsessed with a new royal, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.  Thousands of gifts have been sent to the “royal baby.”  People have been interviewed expressing how important this birth is and how wonderful is it for the people of England and the world.  Countries have declared special holidays in reverence to his birth, coins have been minted with his likeness on them….AND WHY?!?!?!  These coins aren’t even all from the UK, some have been issued in other countries (like Kenya).  I guess as an American I will never understand the obsession.  They are lame ducks.  They have no power, they have no purpose, yet they live off the taxes of the British people and the British people are OK with that!!  Why are these people even supported by the government?!?  These people have nothing to do with it.  These people are not special, they are just people.  Like someone once said, “3 billion people watched a wedding of 2 kids that met at university.”  That’s exactly what they are….people….they do not deserve the obsession or the reverence that they are given simply because they were born with a name synonymous with British history.  People need to worry about themselves and their own lives and stop obsessing over these people!!!



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  1. So bloody annoying indeed! Women in particular seem fascinated by them. Especially when you get in a conversation with someone and they say “the Queen” referring to the queen of England as if you’re supposed to know which queen you’re talking about, as if she is the ONLY queen on this planet. I don’t dislike them (as they were born royals, they didn’t ask for it) but I do mind giving away my taxes to them. I did it when I lived in the UK and now doing it while living in the Netherlands. Anyway, the best thing is to ignore discussion around it.

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