Chronic Status Updaters

I have turned off my newsfeed on Facebook because I get too many notifications about status updates.  I never look at Twitter (see previous post) and I don’t know what an “Instagram” is.  WeChat is never checked on my phone and I don’t care what people write for their status on WhatsApp or Skype.  In all, most status updates are useless drivel.

I am aware that most of you have gotten to this post through a status update I made on Facebook, so I’m not totally against status updates.  I’m against the constant status updater.  This is the person who changes his/her status with every new thing they do during the day.  I don’t need to know the type of Frappuccino you had at Starbucks this morning, or see a photo of the scone you just ordered.  I don’t need to know how hard the workout was this afternoon, or the menu for your dinner.  These people change their status like normal people change their socks…, that’s not true…..they change them more than normal people change their socks!  They have caused me to turn off my newsfeed so I don’t have to be inundated by the same people changing their status 10 times a day.

I think the worst thing ever invented to feed chronic status updating is the smartphone.  With these, people can post whatever their thought is at anytime during the day; and add a photo to boot.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Weibo all have smartphone apps.  The chronic status updater is hooked into his social network 24/7, and changes their status and photos constantly.  It’s ridiculous.  I don’t think my mother would even want to know what I’m doing every second of every day.  Nobody does!  Yet these people update their status with such inane stupidity, thinking people will be interested in them.  It’s not interesting!

I like to look at Facebook, and I love to look at people’s photos, but not a constantly changing array.  People should limit their status updates on ALL social media to once a day….even that is too much!


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