Coke Zero/Pepsi Max

coke zeroI have been a diet soda drinker since I was a teenager.  When I found out how many calories was in one glass of Coca-Cola, I decided it was time to turn to Diet Coke (Coke Light for those of you who don’t live in the States).  I like the taste of Diet Coke.  It’s less sweet and “sticky” than regular Coke, and it leaves less of a syrupy feeling in your mouth after you drink it.  Regular Coke is filled with corn syrup and sugars, so they linger in your mouth, making it sticky-sweet.  Diet Coke doesn’t have the sugars and corn syrup.  It has aspartame, or saccharine, which are not sticky and don’t leave your mouth feeling like you just sucked on a lollipop.

Coke or Pepsi, I’m not a snob.  I like them both.  Truthfully, I think I prefer Pepsi, but I wouldn’t turn down a cold Coke.  Both flavors being “diet,” of course.  Diet Pepsi is the same as Diet Coke in that it isn’t sticky-sweet and it doesn’t make your mouth feel like you poured 500 mL of cola syrup on your tongue.  It also has a similar, not-so-sweet flavor, like Diet Coke.

pepsi maxA few years ago, the 2 cola companies came out with diet drinks that taste more like the regular, sugary drinks.  Coke Zero and Pepsi Max are flavors of cola that, while not containing any calories, taste just as sugary and sweet as the original high-calorie drinks.  Apparently, the companies thought that Diet Coke/Pepsi drinkers were longing for that same sickening, sugary, syrupy flavor of the regular drink, so they created diet drinks with that flavor.  Most diet soda drinkers are used to/like the taste of their diet soda.  They appreciate that they’re not so sweet and that they don’t leave a film in your mouth after you drink them.

I’m not begrudging the people who like Coke Zero and Pepsi Max their drinks – I hope they enjoy them when they are thirsty – but, recently, fast food restaurants have begun to carry only Coke Zero or Pepsi Max instead of Diet Coke/Pepsi.  When I went into KFC the other day, I wanted Diet Pepsi with my lunch.  The woman behind the counter said “we only have Pepsi Max, is that ok?”  No it’s not ok!!  It has the same flavor as the regular drink, which I have come to find sickening.  Why won’t they carry the diet drinks?  Why do they have to switch completely to the new Zero/Max drinks?  KFC is owned by PepsiCo, they can afford to stock both in their stores!

It’s similar to iPressure, where someone’s preference is being forced upon me by removing the alternative.  I have no choice in school but to use a Mac.  I don’t like them!  They are not as easy as a PC, I don’t care how many people tell me they’re easier!!  I don’t like Pepsi Max/Coke Zero, yet others are making the decision for me to drink them because they’re not carrying the Diet Coke/Diet Pepsi versions any more!  Why even continue to manufacture those versions if they’re (literally) going to shove the new versions down everyone’s throat!!


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