Deliveries That Come Late

I ordered groceries online the other day and had them delivered to my apartment.  There were a lot of heavy things that I needed to buy, and I didn’t want to have to carry them myself.  Needless to say, thank goodness for Giant home delivery, otherwise I would have been stuck carrying 2 5-kilo bags of cat litter, 2 2-liter bottles of laundry detergent and a 10 kilo bag of cat food.  When you order the online groceries, they give you a delivery window.  I set my window for 4-6PM on Thursday.

I made sure that I left school early enough that I could be home by 4PM.  I even asked a colleague to drive me home because I wanted to be ready just in case they came a little early.  I got home at 3:40PM, and waited.  And waited and waited.  I got hungry around 5:30, but couldn’t make anything to eat because most of what I wanted to make was coming in the order.  So I ate some peanuts.  At 6PM, when they still hadn’t arrived, I finally allowed myself to use the bathroom….I had been waiting just in case they came while I was in there.  At 6:45, I called the order helpline for Giant.  They told me that my order had gone out for delivery at 4PM, and should be arriving shortly.  At 7:30, I called them again.  I told them that I wanted to cancel my order because it was now an hour and half past when they said they would be delivering, and this is no way to run a business.  I said I didn’t want to be associated with a company that ran their business this way.  They told me it was too late to cancel.  The doorbell rang while I was on the phone, otherwise I would have fought it more.

The delivery person didn’t even apologize for being late.  I made him carry everything into the apartment, rather than leaving it on the landing, because I was  pissed and wanted him to work harder.  I paid him the exact amount that was due, counting out dimes for the change.  I never knew why he was late because he never tried to explain himself nor did he even apologize.  He didn’t deserve any sort of tip!

This is not the first, nor will it be the last, delivery that hasn’t arrived when expected.  When I moved to China, my shipment arrived more than a month late from Spain.  Customs, holidays and a typhoon were to blame….once again, no apology at all.  Very often, my food orders come late.  In fact, I ordered pizza the other day and they told me  45 minutes, it took an hour.  At least in that instance the delivery man apologized and said he had gotten lost.  Companies need to learn to overestimate the delivery time for things.  I would rather be pleasantly surprised by a delivery coming more quickly than expected than be utterly angry when it doesn’t arrive in the time they tell me.  At least if they tell me my pizza will take an hour and it comes in 45 minutes, I will be happy and likely to use their delivery service again.

The whole issue reminds me of when I lived in the States and I used to have servicemen come to the apartment.  They would give some ridiculous time frame like between 9 and 12, or 2 and 6.  So I was stuck waiting around in my apartment all day like a moron, allowed a 2 hour window in which I was allowed to leave to do all my stuff for the day.  They never did arrive in the first timeframe, it was always the second.  So I was stuck sitting around all morning when I could have been out.  The delivery from Giant reminded of things like that.  They let you set the time, which was better, but they don’t stick to it.  I guess customer service really isn’t the first priority of some companies.  Next time I will try another grocery delivery service.


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  1. I’ve had this same problem with groceries from Fresh Direct. (We really are sympatico). So frustrating. Here I am not even going to pee because I’m afraid I’ll miss the doorbell, and they’re hours late.

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