Pharrell’s Grammy Hat

p hat 1The level of ridiculousness has increased with Pharrell Williams.  He is a very nice guy (he did wonderful interviews with Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres), he is talented, he’s fairly good-looking….why does he have to throw all that greatness away by dressing like an idiot for attention.  There is no other way he would have worn that stupid Canadian Mountie-looking hat to the Grammy awards if he was not craving attention.  The problem is that he doesn’t need the attention.  He is not a washed up has-been!  He has a hit song, “Happy,” he was also a guest artist on TWO hit songs last year (one for Daft Punk and one for Robin Thicke), he’s doing great and receiving attention for valid reasons.  He’s a talented man (and I usually don’t say that about people who mainly do hip-hop music).

But then…..that hat.  That ridiculous hat!  Ok, the hat he wore in the “Happy” video was kind of stupid as well, but at least it’s (sort of) in fashion these days.  This Canadian Mountie hat (which he paid $200 for, by the way) just makes him look utterly ridiculous and, as we learned from Lady Gaga, the only reason people purposely look ridiculous is if they are desperate for the attention.  Well, his plan worked….he got lots and lots of attention.  I’m sure he knew that would happen when he chose to wear that monstrosity on his head.  I hate that he’s saying “I don’t understand why everyone is making such a big deal about it.”  You understand perfectly why, you moron, that’s why you wore it in the first place!

p hat 2People have compared his hat to a Canadian Mountie, Smokey the Bear, Speedy Gonzalez and the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter.  They’re just feeding his ego!  When people talk about it and make it something to joke about and tease him about, it’s playing right into his hands.  His pathetic cry for attention has now been validated by people commenting on and making fun of his stupid hat!  Personally, I think the Smokey the Bear resemblance is the closest.

Another comment that was made was that it resembles the Arby’s logo, and people thought that Pharrell was actually a spokesperson for Arby’s, or that they would be announcing it during or soon after the show.  There’s no way someone wear such a horrible hat like that to an international awards show without a reason (even Lady Gaga’s meat dress was a protest)!  Apparently people do wear stupid crap like that to international award shows without a reason, as we now see with Pharrell.  In fact, the hat resembles the Arby’s logo so much that the good people at Arby’s restaurants decided to buy the hat from Pharrell after the awards show…..for $40,000!  What is wrong with those people?!?!?  Yes, the hat resembles the logo, yes Pharrell will never wear it again (its service has already been served for him), but $40,000?!?!?!  It does go to charity, but that’s a lot of money to spend on a $200 hat!  They could just go out and buy their own for $200.

arbyI hope this is the last time Pharrell Williams pulls a stupid attention-grabbing stunt like this.  He is talented and he’s a very nice guy, he doesn’t need to resort to stupidity to get attention.  He has 3 hit songs still on play rotation on the radio, and he’s performing at the Grammy awards….he doesn’t need to cry for attention.  In 10 years, after he hasn’t made an album for some time and nobody wants to talk to him….THAT’S when you pull a stupid stunt for attention.  For shame, Pharrell…..for shame!!



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