Slow Websites

I use the internet a lot during my time at work.  There are a lot of things, now, that can only be done online.  I register my students online, check for resources online I even have an online grading program and attendance program that I use.  Recently, a lot of the websites I use every day have become sluggish and slow.  They take minutes and minutes to load in things that should be loading in seconds.  Some of these websites are experiencing an excessive amount of traffic because it’s the time of year when Northern Hemisphere schools are winding down and a lot of information needs to change hands.

I do not understand how these websites can be slowing down at the high volume time?  Don’t people need to be able to access them now to get their work done on time?  Can’t these website people see that the reason people are late with turning in material, or setting things up is because they can’t access the site in a timely fashion.  It is insane!!!


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