365 Things I Like

People are constantly telling me that I’m too negative in my blog.  There are so many good things out there that you could write about.  They’re right, but the blog is called 365 Things That ANNOY Me, not 365 Things That Don’t Annoy Me.  So, I have decided to devote 1 post (and only 1 post) to positive things.  So, here it is, in random order (basically, as they come to me), 365 Things That DON’T Annoy Me:

  1. Thunder storms
  2. Starbucks frappucinos
  3. The smell of clothes right out of the dryer
  4. Playing “The Sims”
  5. TV shows about people who search for artifacts (ie: The Pickers, Baggage Battles, Storage Wars, etc)
  6. Hard Rock Cafe
  7. Getting into a cold bed
  8. Hush Puppies brand dress shoes
  9. Wendy’s
  10. Jennifer Coolidge in Two Broke Girls
  11. Cauliflower
  12. People who can speak more than 1 language
  13. Taco Bell
  14. Modern art museums
  15. Paint By Numbers
  16. Kittens
  17. Betty White
  18. Criminal Minds
  19. People who can drive a car with a manual transmission
  20. Bratislava, Slovakia
  21. Singapore Airlines long-haul economy class
  22. Jurassic Park (the book AND the movie)
  23. Mallomars
  24. Ikea furniture
  25. Hardwood floors
  26. Periwinkle flowers
  27. People who aren’t afraid to ask for a “doggy bag” at a restaurant
  28. “Sueded” cotton
  29. Doing laundry
  30. Cinema Paradiso
  31. Will Arnett
  32. Joss Whedon
  33. Shower curtains with weights in them so they hang correctly
  34. Growing plants from seeds
  35. Sleeping in on Sunday mornings
  36. Air conditioning
  37. Hotels that give you slippers and a robe
  38. Airports
  39. McDonald’s breakfast menu
  40. Vonage internet phone
  41. Fresh, clean towels
  42. Ivy growing on the side of a building
  43. Hummingbirds
  44. Non-stick frying pans
  45. The Walking Dead
  46. Android smartphones
  47. Camper backpacks
  48. Spaghetti carbonara
  49. People who hunt with a bow and arrow
  50. The Beatles
  51. Froot Loops (the American kind)
  52. Altoids mints
  53. Wearing shirts with cufflinks
  54. Angkor Wat
  55. The majestic giraffe
  56. Hugo Boss Orange cologne
  57. Peppermint-flavored toothpaste
  58. Plucking the long, mutant hair from my eyebrow
  59. Rene Magritte
  60. Okinawa, Japan
  61. Mint chocolate chip ice cream
  62. How I Met Your Mother
  63. Marvel Comics movies (except Daredevil)
  64. Italian delicatessens
  65. The smell of pasta sauce on the stove
  66. Margaritas with salt on the glass
  67. Antiperspirant that lasts all day
  68. Universal Studios theme parks
  69. Christmas music
  70. Cheers reruns
  71. The Singapore public transport system
  72. Pepperoni pizza
  73. Home-made bread
  74. Cornell University
  75. Legos
  76. The San Gennaro festival in New York City
  77. WhatsApp
  78. Hanes boxer shorts
  79. Shopping carts where all 4 wheels move when you make a turn (not only the front 2)
  80. The smell of jasmine flowers
  81. Earl Grey tea
  82. Taxi drivers who don’t feel the need to make conversation
  83. Cadbury Cream Eggs
  84. When the plane flies over Manhattan before landing at LaGuardia airport
  85. Paella
  86. Weekend at Bernie’s
  87. Arrested Development
  88. Facebook
  89. Playing board games at Christmas
  90. Ordering groceries online
  91. Sugar-free food that tastes good
  92. Street performers with talent
  93. Singing at the top of my lungs when nobody is around
  94. Jane Lynch
  95. The B-52s
  96. Artificial pineapple flavoring
  97. Going swimming in the pool early in the morning
  98. Being barefoot
  99. The American Museum of Natural History
  100. Suitcases with 4 wheels
  101. Green granite
  102. Spider plants
  103. Miranda Hart
  104. Real Madrid football (soccer) team
  105. Driving in Manhattan
  106. Monarch butterflies
  107. Corny knock-knock jokes
  108. Hot in Cleveland
  109. Sorrento, Italy
  110. Italian sports cars
  111. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  112. Rinazina
  113. Playing “Deer Hunter 2014”
  114. Lightning
  115. Wagyu beef
  116. Extra virgin olive oil
  117. The Star Wars movies
  118. Animation done by hand (not computer generated)
  119. The entire cast of SCTV
  120. City Sightseeing double-decker tourist buses
  121. New car smell
  122. Olympic bid pins
  123. When cats purr
  124. Steven King novels
  125. Dinosaur Barbecue
  126. New York City at Christmas time
  127. Clouds that resemble objects
  128. People who smell good
  129. J. Crew wool rollneck sweaters
  130. The Apartamentos Augusta in Mallorca, Spain
  131. The College of New Jersey Global Programs
  132. When sunburns finally peel
  133. Amazon.com
  134. The Big Bang Theory (both the TV show AND the actual theory)
  135. Tailor-made dress shirts
  136. Irish Spring deodorant soap
  137. Stegosaurus
  138. Browsing around Target
  139. Katy Perry
  140. Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries
  141. Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream
  142. The color gray
  143. Old Marilyn Monroe movies
  144. Collecting refrigerator magnets from all the places I’ve been
  145. The Electric Slide
  146. Sketchers (it’s the “S”)
  147. Kathy Bates
  148. TV shows about history
  149. Slipper socks
  150. People who can play the cello
  151. The intense heat when you first enter a car in the summer
  152. Doorbells that play music
  153. Taipei 101
  154. Birds that can speak
  155. Coach reruns
  156. Modern Family
  157. Calamansi juice
  158. Oscillating fans
  159. Super Bowl commercials
  160. Chex Mix
  161. Dave Matthews Band
  162. Pedicures
  163. Stolychnaya orange-flavored vodka
  164. Tuna sandwiches with cheese
  165. Hot Wheels
  166. The Singapore Night Safari
  167. Rooftop bars/cafes
  168. The smell of fresh-cut grass
  169. Arriving home from work on the day the cleaning lady came
  170. A&W root beer
  171. Finding the perfect parking spot
  172. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie and the TV show)
  173. John Waters films
  174. Stockholm, Sweden
  175. Riding on a train that’s going more than 300 km/hour
  176. Packing for a trip
  177. Using the free stuff in the restroom of a fancy restaurant
  178. Brunch buffets
  179. Women who like sports
  180. Roller coasters
  181. IMDB.com
  182. Michael Meyers (the actor, not the villain from Halloween)
  183. Landscape paintings
  184. Yellow roses
  185. Getting off for the Jewish holidays when I worked in New York
  186. Antiques Roadshow
  187. Kleenex tissues with lotion
  188. People who can stick to a diet or exercise program
  189. Les Miserables (the Broadway musical and the book, NOT the movie)
  190. Peanuts comic strip
  191. Spaceballs
  192. Sprite Ice
  193. Montreal, Canada
  194. Bookstores
  195. People who are “true” New Yorkers
  196. When you don’t see someone for years, and when you finally see them it’s like you were never apart
  197. Prosciutto and melon
  198. The In-betweeners (British version, not US version)
  199. How cats behave when they’re around catnip
  200. Gregorian chants
  201. PBS
  202. Billy Joel
  203. People who can take good photographs
  204. The color purple (the actual color, not the movie)
  205. Whoopi Goldberg
  206. The Price is Right (BEFORE Drew Carey)
  207. Grilled cheese sandwiches
  208. Glass-bottom boats
  209. The last day of school before summer vacation
  210. Sesame chicken
  211. The first sleep after changing the sheets
  212. Drink coasters
  213. Morocco
  214. People who can cook well
  215. Taking the bus instead of the metro
  216. Old, historic cemeteries
  217. Forsythia bushes
  218. The fact that Greco-Roman wrestling is still in the Olympics, but they won’t add skateboarding
  219. Snow-less winters
  220. Pizza crust that’s stuffed with cheese
  221. Receiving a hand-written letter
  222. Shameless (the US version, not the British version)
  223. Throw Mamma from the Train
  224. Quoting movies and television shows in real-life situations
  225. Cosmo Kramer
  226. Champions League football (soccer)
  227. Bones
  228. Annie Lennox
  229. HDTV
  230. Collecting pieces of coral
  231. Getting to work an hour before everyone else so I can get work done in peace
  232. Feather pillows
  233. Rhinoceroses
  234. When you find money in the dryer after doing a load of laundry
  235. The Millers
  236. Primeval
  237. Shopping for Christmas presents
  238. Comfortable denim jeans
  239. Teakwood furniture
  240. Lobster
  241. Fresh basil
  242. The energy boost you get from ginseng
  243. Silk artwork
  244. People who make an effort to look good
  245. Riding in a convertible in summer
  246. Having a reason to use the cleaver from the knife set
  247. The sound the water makes when you first turn on the shower
  248. Easy Cheez
  249. People who restore old cars and trucks
  250. Tromso, Norway
  251. FAO Schwarz
  252. Going for a dip in a Jacuzzi
  253. Getting to the turn a second before the trash truck (and not getting stuck behind it)
  254. Speakerphones
  255. Gabriel Iglesias
  256. Volkswagen Beetles (old and new)
  257. Stuffed animals
  258. Minoxidil shampoo
  259. Clearasil Cleansing Pads
  260. Pulling out eyelashes and making wishes
  261. La Piazza del Pantheon, in Rome
  262. Las Vegas
  263. Dexter
  264. Galaktoboureko
  265. People who hold the elevator for you when they see you coming
  266. Pine tree car air fresheners
  267. Minnie Driver in About a Boy
  268. The Lego Movie
  269. Nivea body cream
  270. Egg bagels with cinnamon and raisin cream cheese
  271. Waking up before everyone else and making the coffee
  272. Food shopping
  273. Playing blackjack in a casino
  274. Origami
  275. The Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park
  276. People who can bake
  277. “Polly noses” from the maple trees
  278. Sleeping without a sheet or blanket
  279. Belgian beer
  280. Wreck It Ralph
  281. Woody Woodpecker cartoons
  282. Ted Danson in CSI
  283. Colorforms
  284. Pumpkin pie
  285. The slimy feeling of your teeth right after brushing
  286. iTunes
  287. Watching sailboats at sunset
  288. The gay Teletubby
  289. Adele
  290. Women in high heels
  291. People who aren’t afraid to show off their intelligence
  292. People who can play the piano
  293. The History Channel
  294. Kathy Reichs novels
  295. Eggs cooked sunny-side-up
  296. Meerkat Manor
  297. Nick at Nite
  298. Seth McFarlane
  299. 90-minute massages
  300. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  301. People who say they will keep in touch and actually do it
  302. Insects that resemble leaves
  303. The Amazing Race
  304. Pat Benatar
  305. The return of the Muppets
  306. Salespeople who leave you alone when you tell them you’re “just looking”
  307. Countries with colorful money that changes size based on denomination (for the blind people)
  308. Cross-dressers who look so much like the opposite gender that you couldn’t really tell….
  309. John Travolta in Hairspray
  310. The New Year’s Eve South Park marathon on Comedy Central
  311. The Reina Sofia museum
  312. Hershey’s Kisses with Almonds
  313. Mr. Burns and Smithers
  314. Andy Warhol
  315. Meatballs and sausage mixed into the pasta sauce
  316. Universal remote controls
  317. Seinfeld
  318. Charlie Brown TV specials
  319. Using the public library
  320. Secretly taking photos of people being stupid
  321. Guinea pigs
  322. Indian Rocks Beach, Florida
  323. Having my own private TV and choice of entertainment on flights
  324. Greek yogurt with honey
  325. Siemens
  326. Jeep Wranglers
  327. Malibu rum
  328. Cold medicine with pseudoephedrine
  329. Rimini, Italy
  330. People who are good houseguests
  331. Tropical fish tanks
  332. Having an excuse to wear a tuxedo
  333. Alexander Calder
  334. Six Feet Under
  335. Music from the 1980s
  336. Wearing a Santa hat
  337. Outdoor barbecues
  338. People who go overboard with the garlic
  339. Playing Scrabble
  340. Getting gift cards instead of actual gifts
  341. Bacon that has been overcooked, so it falls apart in your mouth
  342. Maple syrup
  343. Going for a drive and getting lost
  344. People with pets
  345. Sequoias
  346. Charles Darwin
  347. Biting my nails
  348. Lip-dub videos
  349. Gibraltar
  350. Playing “Civilization”
  351. Catching fireflies in the summer
  352. Youtube
  353. Antonin Dvorak’s New World Symphony
  354. Sending something DHL
  355. Honeycomb cereal
  356. People who order quickly at fast food restaurants
  357. Free drink refills
  358. Family Guy
  359. Star Trek (the original and Next Generation, only)
  360. Dr. Seuss
  361. The Grand Canyon
  362. People who collect things
  363. Being a teacher
  364. Astoria, New York

Well, there you have it….the 1 positive blog post.  I will resume my snarky complaining tomorrow.



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