Shrimp with the Heads Still Attached

shrimp 1This is going to be a short one today because there’s really not much I can say about this.  It just creeps me out to no end to see the beady black eyes and those long facial feelers on my plate.  Often, the have their swimmers attached and they seem kind of hairy.  This is disgusting!  I know I’m not being culturally sensitive and, in many cultures, it’s common to eat the shrimp with their heads, but it just looks so creepy!

shrimp 3Some people will tell you that you should eat the head, or at least suck out the shrimp juice from it.  Um….that’s absolutely disgusting.  Not only can I not digest the chitin that it’s made from, I don’t even like the shrimp’s tail with the vein still in it, I’m not sucking the juice from the head!  Why do restaurants insist on preparing dishes with headed shrimp?  Sometimes the heads are the only thing included, like they’re some kind of delicacy.  The only place they are a delicacy is in cat food, or fishing bait….not on my plate!

The chitin can get stuck in your teeth or, worse off, in the opening to the stomach.  It’s akin to insect exoskeletons.  The same people who get skeeved out about eating insects will think nothing about chowing down on some shrimp heads.  Do you not see the irony in this, people?!  Shrimp heads have no place on my plate, or on any other, but the restaurants get put out when I ask them to please serve my shrimp without the head.  They look at me like I just asked them to jump around and sing a song….like I’m crazy.  I can’t help it if I like my seafood without the face!

shrimp 2



  1. Some time in the mid 90’s I learned shrimp had heads and legs. I was appalled. Somehow I thought they all just hung around on the ocean floor, absorbing nutrients through their skin or something until they were scooped up. I would like to go on believing this. I am totally with you.

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