When Stuff Falls Out of Your Sandwich

sandwich 1A good sandwich can be a wonderful thing.  I like when it’s piled high with some good corned beef or pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and mayonnaise.  That’s a gooooood sandwich.  Unfortunately, I will have to eat it in pieces, as the filling never remains inside, and it drips out onto the plate.  The corned beef, when squeezed by my teeth on one side, slips out the other side of the sandwich, leaving me with a mouthful of sauerkraut and mayonnaise.  My glorious sandwich has now lost all the great things about a sandwich; the combination of moist flavors, the crispy bread and the ability to be held in my hand.  The sandwich has fallen apart.

dagwoodDagwood Bumstead, of the Blondie comic strip, makes himself “mile-high” sandwiches.  These types of sandwiches have even come to be known as “dagwoods” because of his affinity for them.  Dagwood very seldom has issues with material falling out of his sandwich.  In reality, the mile-high dagwood would become the inch high mess when the first bite was taken out if it.  The inside would be outside and the eater would have “sandwich” all over himself.

burgerThe phenomenon is not only true for sandwiches.  Who has not had the tomato creep out of their hamburger?  Who has not had a hot dog slide out the back of the bun?  Who has not has the back end of a burrito burst open and dribble down their shirt?  These are very real situations in which the eater has gotten extremely messy, or lost part of their lunch.

Sandwiches are great; hamburgers too, but they must be made with caution.  They shouldn’t be overstuffed, or made with material that will be slippery or too moist.  These sandwiches should not be allowed to exist without a caution sign or a warning, notifying the eater that they will most likely fall apart upon the first bite.  Only then will we have clean diners and sandwiches that stay within their boundaries!

sandwich 2



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