Pillows That Lose Their Fluff

flat pillow

I can’t sleep on flat pillows.  I need fluffy, semi-soft pillows under my head or I have trouble sleeping.  I’m one of those people who folds the pillow over to make it more fluffy when it’s not up to my fluff standards.  The pillows on my bed are fluffy….now….but they’re starting to show signs of flattening.

fluffy pillowI bought my pillows at a store called Auchan, in Suzhou, China.  It’s a French chain, but they have opened in China recently (for those reading this from Spain, it’s the same as Ocampo).  I bought the more expensive, nicer pillows because my mom and brother were coming to visit and I wanted them to have a comfortable pillow to sleep on.  Turns out, they became the most comfortable pillows in the apartment and, when I moved to Singapore, I brought them with me.  I love my pillows.  In my first weeks here, before my shipment arrived, I bought cheap Ikea pillows that are too soft.  I don’t use those much anymore, they decorate the guest bedroom now.

As with all pillows, my wonderful Auchan pillows are beginning to flatten.  They lose a little fluff each day.  I can feel the stuffing beginning to separate and they’re getting slightly lumpy.  The wonderful pillows that I love are dying.  This happens with pillows, but I expect it to happen less with pillows that cost more.  These were very costly pillows (for China), and I expected them to last at least a year with daily use.  It’s been less than that.  I will have to begin folding them over soon so I can feel the thickness under my head.

I think what I need to do is travel to a nice hotel somewhere with comfortable pillows.  Ask for extra pillows from the front desk and just walk off with a couple of them.  Nobody will ever know…..


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