Bathing Suits That Don’t Dry Quickly

bathing suit rack

This is often the scene after a dip in the pool; a rack full of wet bathing suits that take hours and hours to dry.  These suits will sometimes even be damp the next morning, when you want to go in the pool again.  With so many quick-dry fabrics out there and so many people researching new man-made fabrics, it’s amazing that clothing manufacturers can’t make a bathing suit that dries quickly.

If you remain out in the sun, the heat will help the suit dry more quickly, but it still takes much longer than it should.  These things should be designed to dry in a matter of minutes.  Who wants to hang around in a wet bathing suit while enjoying your friend’s company, eating lunch, walking along the beach or sitting in a car going home?  Many people change before they go home from the beach or a public pool, but that just forces you to find a plastic bag in which to carry the wet suit.  There is no reason anyone should arrive at home with a suit still dripping with water…..damp, ok…..but DRIPPING?!?!?

I’m sure clothing designers are missing out on a million-dollar idea.  If they can find a fabric that dries quickly, and make bathing suits out of that fabric, people will buy it.  I know I would buy it.  As it is now, I have to wait hours and hours for my suit to dry.  I’m not fortunate enough to have a drier, so I’m stuck with line drying (or towel rack – as seen above).  Often, my suit is dripping when I hang it up, which means I can’t wear it again until the next day.

When I spent some time in Mallorca for a couple of summers, I would often go in the pool several times a day.  It was very difficult to slip that wet bathing suit back up onto my body.  It would stick to my skin and chafe as I pulled it up.  That suit should have been dry in minutes, but it never was.  Clothing manufacturers are missing out on a lot of money!  Let’s get them to research new fabrics that dry quickly!


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